Need name for a new L.A. politics blog.
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Need suggestions for naming a new political/news blog based in Los Angeles. The focus will be on local politics, but also on national issues that affect the L.A. area.

I'm hoping for something fun but not pretentious, easy to remember, and of course, original. Ideally, it would reflect being both from/about L.A. and politics, but that may be too restrictive.

Any ideas?
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Bloggy of Angels!
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LA Politica -> "THE Politics" in spanish, has the required "LA".
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Response by poster: Just a note: the url is being assigned to me as part of a larger website.
Alas, I'm hoping to find a name that doesn't need an explanation as to how to spell it.

Some ideas I had ran along the lines of "The 5th Estate" (but its already being used) and "Spring Street, USA" (the street where L.A.'s city hall is).
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The Wash is (a) slang for the L.A. River and (b) a good synonym for political spin and/or political news.

The only potential problem would be that people might think that The Wash was some kind of Washington reference. But maybe that would work in your favor.
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I really dig "the wash" although it seems the url is taken, but it seems thats not an issue for you. As far as the title goes, I like it.
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