Feature length movies with a CC license?
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What are the largest creative projects released under a creative commons license, such as feature length movies or full albums?

I've seen lots of short form projects released with CC licenses, but I have yet to see a feature length movie or a project that would take months or years to complete with a CC license.
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There's Elephants Dream which is a movie made entirely using Blender. All the production files are available to download.
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According to Wikipedia, the movie Cactuses is a "Feature-Length Film" under a CC license.
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Small Arm Of Sea by Tone.
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Maybe not what you are after, but a bunch of science is released with CC licenses now, see the PLOS group, or Biomed Central (their license is named after themselves, but word for word to the attribution CC). Nature has started a policy where all genome papers and their data are CC. There are also places like pubmedcentral, which is an effort to get all of the extant biomedical literature into a free online database, though these papers are not always CC licensed.
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