NASA public domain stock footage?
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Wikipedia says: "One of the largest producers of public domain stock footage is the United States government. All videos produced by the United States military, NASA, and other agencies are available for use as stock footage." Where?

Looking for flight towers, mission control, jet fighters...
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A Google search for NASA "stock footage" brought up seemingly promising results. Were these not what you were looking for?
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Here. Really cool stuff can be found, if you're up for some digging.
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Oh, sorry, those are all photos. If you're looking for videos, go here.
posted by Kronoss at 11:17 PM on February 9, 2008 [1 favorite] has some large photos and a search feature.
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The Library of Congress has some information. They point at the Archival Research Catalog as one starting point.

For those jet fighters, try the DoD Imagery portal.
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Duh. I thought photos as well. It also has video.
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dhartung's got it - NARA's site has what you're looking for:
How to Order Reproductions of Motion Pictures, Sound Recordings, and Videotapes from the National Archives in College Park, MD

From this site:
Regardless of the media or format involved, researchers interested in ordering reproductions will need complete item-level citations. [...]

Such citations can sometimes be found in descriptions in the Archival Research Catalog (ARC). However, ARC does not cover all Motion Picture, Sound, and Video unit holdings, and many of the descriptions that are included do not reach the reel level.

For those items not described in ARC, citations are obtained through:
on-site work in the Motion Picture Research Room
inquiries to Motion Picture Reference staff [...]

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Response by poster: Alright! Thanks, MetaFilter!
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The National Archives also has DVDs on
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this wikipedia page is a great compilation of public domain links, though mostly for still images
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