Who makes the Christopher Lowell Collection?
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Who makes the Christopher Lowell furniture for Office Depot and how can I contact them?

I've got a Christopher Lowell Collection desk & hutch from Office Depot, c. 2006. When I moved last year, the evil movers smashed the side of my one-month-old hutch. There's a large dent and I'd like to see about getting a new piece. Since I put it together myself, I imagine I can get the replacement piece from the manufacturer, if I beg (and pay). But I don't know who manufactured the furniture. Office Depot has had a lousy customer service record with me and I'm not sure they would tell me who makes the furniture anyway. Can anyone out there tell me? I'm in Vancouver, Canada. (It looks like manufacturers may be regional.) Thanks.
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Response by poster: (On a hunch, I have randomly emailed Sauder.)
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South Shore Furniture out of Vancouver, Canada used to sell to Home Depot. I noticed that Christopher Lowell's collection is now called "Christopher Lowell Shore Collection" They may still manufacture the furniture which bears the name of Lowell. Worth a try anyways. There is an online catolog of South Shore furniture you may want to look at, to see if you recognize your hutch, as the item numbers are inconsistant with Home Depot's. Call forth your google guru.
Bad, wicked movers, all a them!!
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Response by poster: Thanks. Looks like it was Sauder, but South Shore would be another excellent guess.
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