How do I keep my computer connected to the internet for longer?
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How do I keep my computer connected to the internet for longer when it is idle?

I have a Mac osx. I have dial-up. When I am on the internet, if I leave the computer idle for more than 10 minutes, the internet disconnects. I've poked around, checked out 'system preferences', and haven't found anything to change this setting.
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See the second subhead: "Disconnect if idle for __ minutes enabled?"
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What D.C. said, although there's also a slim chance that your ISP is set up to drop calls after a period of inactivity, so if the above doesn't work you could try calling them or looking for a dialup FAQ.

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I'm guessing it is your ISP, this is pretty common for dialup, they have a limited number of modems to dial to, they don't want one tied up by someone who is off running errands.

Try keeping a mail program running that checks for mail every 5 minutes, it will log activity and might keep it from being disconnected (if, in fact, it is the isp that is causing this).
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You could set a cron job to ping a every 5 minutes.
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You can do it without a cron job. Just open a Terminal window and type something like:

ping -i 300

That would be a 5-minute interval.

Now maybe for some the cron job would be more convenient, but I'm guessing anyone asking this question would not be in that category.
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