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Looking for shopping advice in DC for the post-partum body in transition....

I am enjoying this new va-voom figure (A cup to C cup) but most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit at all (I was size 4-6)- or if they fit they don't look right or aren't comfortable (now I'm 8-10). I don't know how to shop for this new body and I'm going to need some good and patient customer service to help me spend my 1k budget and walk out with good career clothes (business casual for the most part).

I'm 37 and I like modern clothes and lean towards a mod look, but not too trendy/ fussy.

Good stores in the DC Met area?
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Ann Taylor Loft has great business casual pieces for those of us with curves (I'm a size 12, DD cup). It might not be quite mod enough for you to do all your shopping there -- I love it, but I don't know if I'm really "mod." At any rate, it's definitely worth a look for basics at the very least. And congrats on your new smurflet!
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No great advice, but: I was your old size and was your new size and am at six months post-partum getting back to a 6, and nothing fit well in the interim. I feel bad for men with their lack of waists, now...

A couple of nice belts should be worthwhile investments.

Wait, one thing did fit well: a pair of men's jeans. Do not overlook the men's dept for casual trousers.
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Try contacting Joyce Neave of Be That Mom. She's a "wardrobe consultant and personal shopper who specializes in helping moms find their stylized potential" and works in the DC area. Her email address is on the blog - perhaps she will have suggestions.
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