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What can't we miss when we're in New York in June?

So, I'm off to the U.S. for a month with my partner in June, hooray! First stop is New York for up to a week. Neither of us have been there before and we're really looking forward to making the most of it.

The question is - what things can't we miss when we're there? We're planning on taking in some shows, maybe getting to a filming of the Daily Show, walking around Central Park for a bit, but what can't we miss? I'm happy to contemplate both highly touristy and `off the beaten track' type experiences. We might even hire a car, so good portions of the state are open to us.

As well as good sights, recommendations of good restaurants and cafes are welcome too!

A few more of these questions to come as we work out where we will be travelling to over the month. Thanks all!
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Walk the Brooklyn Bridge FROM the Brooklyn end TO the Manhattan end. Bring your camera.
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You've got to be way more specific...

I'll admit to not understanding what "can't miss" means since it will depend on your background and interests. In any case, there are a ton of threads on this in the ask metafilter archives.

In any case, the best advice I can give you is to review this awesome comment by kathyrn in an earlier thread. And then ask if you have more questions or need clarifications.
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Eat at a Jewish deli. They're dying because of rent pressure, and it may be your last chance. The Carnegie, 2nd Avenue Deli or Katz's are pretty great. Have matzoh ball soup and split an AN ENORMOUS sandwich. Enjoy the pickles.
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Go to a Yankee game. Last year for the house that Ruth built. Knocking down the old stadium and this is your last chance to see it.
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Vacapinta - that thread was the sort of thing I knew must exist somewhere on AskMe, but I couldn't track it down.

Capcuervo - sounds wonderful!

DarlingBri - Noted in my book of `things to definitely do'.
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Aw, thanks, Vacapinta!

In terms of can't miss restaurants and cafes, it will really depend on your personal tastes, where you are coming from (i.e., don't get BBQ if you're coming from a BBQ-laden state), and what your budget is. Things that are hot in NYC right now. For me it's: small plates/tapas, Serious Cocktail bars, offal and the like, fatty pork dishes, cute neighborhood "nook" restaurants, pastry chefs starting up restaurants with both sweets and savories, upscale food on a budget (like Jean Georges' prix fixe weekday lunch), local and sustainable food, etc.

A great place to ask about restaurants and cafes is Chowhound. For best results, specify desired location (specific neighborhoods is best), price (exact dollar amount including tax, tip, drinks), and what cuisines you're interested in/how adventurous you are/what you're looking for.

See also:
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JohnnyGunn - oh yeah! Going to a ballgame was something I missed out on when I was in the US about 8 years ago. Another `must do'. Thanks!
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And I should have mentioned, I'm from Australia so pretty much everything is going to be new and interesting, and places that have well known names or feature in a lot of films, etc. will also be interesting purely from the `I've been there!' perspective.
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Before I went to New York, I would have scoffed at the idea of doing such a touristy thing as taking the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty. But I did just that, and I loved it. The ferry ride was free, and it was beautiful on the way there and back to Manhattan. Even though I'm not American and I'm cynical as hell, seeing that statue made me think of what it is really supposed to represent. I'm glad I did it.
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Ah, Australian. Got it!

Here's some links for you:
Quintessential NY foods and restaurants: pizza, pastrami sandwiches, bagels, etc.
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The Ghostbusters Guide to New York
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Go to a Yankees Mets game. Knocking down the old stadium and this is your last chance to see it.

Fixed that yadda yadda.
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If it's hot in June, you might want to go to Coney Island and cool off.
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Fair warning about Coney Island in June - if you go on a weekend, it's HOT and horribly crowded, and I don't advise going in the water. Definitely go to Coney Island, but go on a Friday afternoon to check out the rides, get a beer and a hot dog at Nathan's and catch a burlesque show at the Coney Island museum.

Seconding a Jewish Deli - but only Katz's. It's the only one worth the money. My grandpa paid a quarter for the same pastrami sandwich that now costs 10.50, but it's quite literally the same sandwich served the same way, with the same pickles. And order an Egg Cream! It's true New York.

I say skip the baseball game and go to the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens instead.

And I definitely agree with walking the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn. Take the F train to the York St. stop, have brunch at Bubby's (great cheese grits) and take in the famous view of the Brooklyn bridge and Lower Manhattan. DUMBO is a beautiful neighborhood. You can then walk onto the bridge right there.

You can also MeFiMail if you have specific questions, especially as you start nailing down where you are going to go. I know good reasonably-priced places to eat in most neighborhoods.

Have fun!
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If you eat meat and are going to be here on the 7th or 8th, you owe it to yourselves to attend the yearly Big Apple Barbecue in Madison Square Park—a handful of the best pitmasters in all of the United States load up their grills, truck into town and cook their best dishes up. It's one of the best things that's happened to this town deliciousness-wise in years!
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Assuming they survive new permit issuing and all at the end of the month, hit the Red Hook ballfields on a weekend afternoon for Latin American goodies, take in a futbol game, get out of the 'normal' touristy areas.
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Have a Crif
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The Burger Joint is amazing.
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Hubby and I have been known to fly clear across the continent for pizza at Lombardi's in lower Manhattan. Arguments about the best pizza in New York quickly become holy wars but definitely try one of the coal-oven pizzerias (their staunch partisans will be along any minute now).

Back when Hubby had airline employee travel benefits, that is. Alas, I am currently starved for real pizza in this otherwise good eatin' town.
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Re Coney Island: The Mermaid Parade is usually in June. I think that qualifies as not-to-be-missed (although I've personally missed it several years running now).
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I think the Mermaid Parade is off for 2008 -- in fact, I think the boardwalk at Coney Island is closed this year.

But, check out the Gay Pride parade on June 7th. It's always a great event for all orientations (though you might have to cover the kiddies' eyes now and then).

Don't bother with spending too much time in mid-town. Take the train all the way downtown and walk north on Broadway -- just keep going! Stop for drinks, shopping, lunch, dinner. You will pass through the Financial District, Tribeca, Soho, the Village, Union Square, Flatiron, midtown, Times Square, in the late fifties detour east a block or so to Central Park but stay west through Strawberry Fields, back to Broadway on the upper west side, detour two blocks west to Riverside and check out the mighty Hudson, walk the park, go back to Broadway in the low 100s and then up up to Columbia at 116th and on through Morningside Heights to 125th Street and Harlem. You will see it all!
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NYC Popfest is June 13th-15th.
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The Tony Awards are the second Sunday in June. They are expensive to buy tickets for, but always a good time, if you are into theatre. OR, you could stand across the street and watch the red carpet arrivals.
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Astroland, boardwalk, etc. will be open next season, despite the land war.
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