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I'm about to make a drastic change in my appearance, and would like to update my photo on various websites. Where is a good place in NYC to have my picture taken?

NOTE : I'm not looking for airbrushing or photoshopping or anything like that. However, I would like to find some place that will make me look cool, and not like one of these rubes.

I'm a guy in my late 20s, if that makes any difference.
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Please tell us what the drastic change in your appearance will be!
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Response by poster: I've had long hair for the past 14 years, and I'm having it cut short.
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Do any of your friends have good cameras and some photography talent? That could be a good free option. There are lots of photographers trying to build a portfolio, you could always post your availability as a model on craigslist and ask for copies of any photos taken as payment.
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sorry, but if you're not a professional actor , dancer, model, or anything else that requires a headshot, having an obvious headshot for the purpose of showing off online *will* make you look like one of those rubes.

i guess if thats what you're trying to avoid, id recommend steering away from studios/backdrop sets, and try posting on craigslist asking for a photo shoot by a student or aspiring freelance photographer.
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Do what the rest of us do: Come to an NYC Metafilter meetup and use a picture taken their for your social networking sites.
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OMG there.
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Yeah, you really don't want to look posed. I'm an actress, and I don't use my headshot when I post a picture (except on my own website, for professional reasons). Well I guess I did on my Facebook page, but that's because I don't have any good ones right now, and nobody cares what I look like anyway since I'm married. That's the good thing about marriage - you don't have to look cool anymore.

It's a good excuse to invite a bunch of friends out for a drink. Just make sure one of them is pretty good with a camera.
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Not absolutely certain about this coming Saturday's meetup, but if I do show I'll bring my camera.
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Get a passport photo at Walgreen's
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Also, if you've had long hair for 14 years, it's going to be a little weird for a while after you cut it -- I say this as a guy who had long hair for five or so years. You might want to give it a week or two before it goes back to normal.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I understand the thing about not wanting to look posed and all, but unfortunately I'm one of those people who just don't photograph well. It seems like every time someone takes my picture, I'm in the middle of talking, or I have some kind of funny expression on my face.

The Craigslist option sounds interesting. I may explore that if nothing else comes along.

I guess I could bug one of my friends to do it, but I'd feel really egocentric. Nah, I don't think I'm going to do that.
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Your circumstances may dictate a different course of action, but these guys are top-notch; for what you get and considering their competition, a thousand bucks is a bargain. But they're really in the business of headshots for working actors, and it's hard to justify that kind of expense if you aren't using the photos to get work. For headshots, factor in a likely pricey haircut; women must hire a stylist and make-up artist on-set for maybe a few hundred extra; I don't really know.

It's likely that some of the other, cheaper suggestions here are better answers to your question. But if you're ever looking for pro headshots and money isn't such an object, they're well worth your dime.
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When I first read your question I didn't look at the tags, so I thought you were asking for a cool place to be photographed, like on the field at Yankee Stadium or in the abandoned City Hall subway station. I was disappointed when I realized what you were really asking.

Are there any Olan Mills storefronts on Madison Avenue?
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