Photography trips in NYC area
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I'm looking for ideas for interesting, off-the-beaten-path places to go and take photographs in New York or the surrounding areas. It would be good to take photographs that not absolutely identical to things you see in travel books, so no touristy or centrally located areas. Recent visits been to the abandoned buildings of Ellis Island, the recently-collapsed smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island, Astroland, Vinegar Hill, and Washington Rock (in NJ). What are some other photo-worthy places?
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This is a great website: you'd never believe you were in NYC.
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Sheepshead Bay, all the way in the south Brooklyn.
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79th St boats, and the West Side Drive exit
The Cloisters. Touristy, but explore the Park, and walk down to the GW Bridge.

I should note that my explorations were done before the current 'security'. I do not know how things have changed.
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the boat graveyard in staten island.

the empty reservoir in the bronx.

central park can be explored for a lifetime.

the bronx river.

new york has so many fascinating bodies of water, and it's so easy to forget they're there.

i'd give you more info, but maybe part of the fun is tracking down those sites yourself...
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Hells Gate Bridge in Astoria Queens, and the WPA era swimming pool in Hells Gate Park
Prospect Park is packed with surprises
I always love to take the 59th street bridge in a cab when it takes you past Silvercup Studios, and I sing to myself New York, New York, a la Queen on the Highlander soundtrack. It would be hard ot get a picture of but I bet the results would be great.
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@entropone ==> Which empty reservoir? My GoogleFu has failed me here.
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Willets Point, Queens.
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In Queens - Hunters point. Also Borden Avenue, Rust Ave, and other streets near the (superfund worthy) Newtown creek during the golden hours. I'd recommend riding a bike so you can cover more ground.
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