This flu tastes terrrible
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I am on the trailing edge of a bout of flu, and I have a persistent bitter taste when I drink any fluids. Doesn't seem to be there when I eat things, only drink them. Has anyone else experienced this? When do I get my taste-buds back?
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I think I know what you're talking about, and I wouldn't worry about it. Just give it time. Whenever I'm at the outer edge of a major sickness, I find exercise a great way to get rid of the remaining toxins, goop, and nastiness still in your system. If you're anything like me, you'll feel a bit worse and then a lot better. I bet it will get your taste buds going again. Good luck!
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Don't forget to get a new toothbrush!
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You have the flu, so maybe you're drinking a lot of orange juice? Maybe right after brushing your teeth? Maybe?
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My sense of taste always goes wonky when I'm sick. It gets back to normal when I'm completely well. :) Good luck!
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Once when I was recovering from the flu, some familiar foods smelled absolutely repugnant. Something about influenza affected my sense of smell. Went away in a week or so. Hasn't happened again.
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Well, I've got it now and I sure hope that apples won't keep tasting like onions. Now, if I could only capsulate this thing I'd have a great weight loss product.
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Freshman year of college, I had a really nasty viral... something. Anyway, they gave me a really strong anti-viral medicine, and I still have a nasty bitter/burnt taste every now and then, although it's not nearly as bad or as often as it was when I was on the medication. (this stuff also dried out my saliva and made it hard to swallow). So in conclusion, as other posters have said, your problem should gradually fade away.
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A couple of years ago I got a rather serious viral infection, and the same thing happened to me.I never got around to ask my doctor why this happens, but I was a bit worried myself the first time. And since then every time I get something like the flu the same thing happens, all liquids taste like ink. It's annoying, but it goes away eventually. Now I use it as a marker of how bad I really am; if tea teaste bad (I am a major teaphile) I'm ill enough to stay at home.
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Brush your tongue (top and bottom) and your cheeks. You can get toothbrushes with a ridged rubber back that's great and designed just for that.

You might end up spitting out sticky phlegm-like mucous after brushing your tongue.

As a side benefit, your breath will improve immensely.
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