Where should I eat while doing jury duty in Jamaica, Queens?
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Where can I get a good cheap lunch in Jamaica, Queens while I'm on jury duty?

I've got jury duty in the Jamaica section of Queens on Monday. The courthouse is located on Sutphin Boulevard just north of the LIRR station.

Where can I get a good, cheap lunch within walking distance? I'm very open-minded about food and love the various "ethnic" cuisines. The ideal would be a restaurant that:

*is not crazy crowded

*is cheap -- that is, $8 at the very most

*has good food

*does not have a drive-through window

Those are my criteria. If you know of a good place, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.
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If nobody has any personal recommendations, I've found Chowhound to be a great source of reasonably-priced recommendations. Unfortunately, I think their search engine sucks, so here is a link to a Google search that might be helpful. Good luck!
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I work on Jamaica ave and there are a ton of food places, just most of them aren't that good from what we found.

One street up from Jamaica is Hillside Ave, just past hillside and Parsons ave (near the F subway stop) is Falafel station, kosher falafel place. Have really good falafel and with a soda its something like 6$, as well as other similar type food. Only thing to keep in mind is they close at 2 on Fridays and aren't open Saturdays but for Jury duty it won't matter much.
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Response by poster: OK. I'll check these places out.

Thank you very much!
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Response by poster: For people who might be encountering this via a search engine:

I wound up eating at Maxie's, which is on Sutphin Boulevard, just south of the LIRR station.

Good eatin'. Friendly staff. I recommend it highly.
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