Delivery in NYC for Valentines Day?
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I would like to have something fun delivered to my SO at their office on V-Day. What sort of fun things could I get delivered in NYC?

I thought about flowers, but would love to do something non-conventional. To be clear, I'd prefer something that could be delivered vs. something that would be shipped.
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How about a singing telegram? A coworker's wife did that a couple years ago, some highschool choir kids that it every year on V-Day to make a little extra money, and it was great. They came during one of his meetings and everybody had a lot of fun with it. I thought it was really sweet.
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I had Godiva Chocolate delivered to me on V-day. Not super unique, I know. But my feller at the time had picked the selection, so it was all my favorite types of chocolates.
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it's new york—if you can buy it in a store, you can get it delivered. you can get ANYTHING delivered in this town, for the right price. if i worked in an office and didn't get to eat well most days, i would love love love to get a fancy delicious meal delivered to my office for lunch, complete with cutlery, and that would be fairly easy to arrange in advance with a restaurant. you'd have to check in with her coworkers though to make sure she didn't have a meeting or lunch planned.
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I had Elvis go and sing to the special lady at work one year.
She's not a big Elvis fan, but she loved it.
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Any chance of delivering yourself? I arranged to have some flowers delivered to the girlfriend's office tomorrow, but if I didn't have to work I probably would have brought them myself. The plan, therefore, would be to pretend to be the delivery guy. Get a set of overalls and a baseball cap, and bring a pad for the secretary to sign. Say you'll lose your job if you don't deliver them to the recipient in person.

You may be able to hide a baby guitar on you and serenade her after delivering the flowers, but that might be pushing it a little.
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You can use a courier to deliver almost anything.

For a former romantic interest who was very into drinking, I hotglued a dozen little airplane-sized bottles of booze to the plastic stems of fake long stem roses and put them in a gold rose box. Enabling? Sure. But he adored it. And playing with the expectations made him like it all the more.

What's she into? I'd be far more appreciative of something that reflected someone's deep understanding of me (or ability to fake it) than a romantic gesture that was turnkey.

Me? I'd go gaga for mounted beetles, a pound of Sour Patch Kids or vinyl toys from Japan.

I had a friend who received a gallon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chupa Chupsas a present from her boyfriend that always gave her a hard time for watching Buffy and thought it was the best gift ever.

What got you together? Or what's the thing you give her a hard time about? Or what she so into that she wouldn't mind her coworkers seeing?
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Hmm, I guess these are shipped vs. delivered, but FYI

Cookie Bouquets.

Fairytale Brownies.

Beautiful dipped berries.

Cool fruit arrangements.

Enormous Hershey bars.
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