How do I revive a brown sugar stone?
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How do I revive a brown sugar stone?

My mom gave me a brown sugar stone a few years back. It's similar to this. It really did work, keeping the sugar soft, until the most recent time I went to use the brown sugar and noticed it was hard as a rock.

When I received it there were instructions on the packaging and I remember soaking the stone and then either putting it in the sugar when damp or when dry after the soak. I've long since lost the packaging and don't remember what I did. It may also be that these things just lose their efficacy after a while.

So, how do I make the stone work again?

(And I know that a slice of bread would do the same thing as the stone, but I have the stone and it takes up less space in the canister.)
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what you are looking for
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Thank you! It was using "stone" and not "disc" that kept me from finding that. I looked through pages of Google results that were mostly about a song sung by Mick Jagger.
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That brown sugar disc is just a piece of bisque fired earthenware. It's porous enough to hold a fair amount of water inside.
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That's pretty cool, parmanparman, but just out of curiosity, do you happen to know what that "Magic Dust" is? The website says "It works!" but doesn't say what it does.
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I think they're just pieces of shaped confetti, Greg Nog. We use a "Santa Dust" during the nights leading up to Christmas that are shaped in shiny holiday patterns.
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or just add a piece of apple peel and wait a couple days.
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