CEO-Friendly WYSIWYG Web Editor Compatible with Safari, Accepts Paste from Word?
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Apropos of Matt checking out FCKEditor, and the typical Mac experience of non-functionality, are there any decent WYSIWYG web editors out there that work with Safari? I'm talking about true formatting a CEO can deal with, not a button that subs in the HTML tags for you.

One more caveat- needs to support cut-and-paste from a Word doc. I'm glad that ActivEdit finally supports the Mac, but I can't paste into it.
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I have no experience with Safari, but there are specifications for writing cross-browser rich text editors. Here's one from Netscape. There are other solutions such as Editize, which is a java applet.
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These Java applets worked for us. If you're going to support cut'n'paste from Word though, be prepared to strip a lot of shit out of the user input before it gets to the database.
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the typical Mac experience of non-functionality

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Can Mozilla's composer be made into a control? That would rock way hard.
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I use this one
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The answer is no, at least not without resorting to Flash or a Java applet. Mozilla and IE are the only browsers that implement rich-text editing, which is why all of these tools only support those two browsers. I'm working on one of these editors myself, and I really wish Opera and Safari would get on the ball and implement this functionality.
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holloway, how are you using that with Safari? It's just a standard textarea when I try it w/Safari 1.2.2
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Response by poster: Whatever.

Dude, Mo, don't be a hater. I love the Mac. I develop on the Mac, for a primarily-Mac-based company. If I had a (Mo) Nickel(s) for every time I found some great web app wasn't properly supported on Safari, I could quit my job. Sucks, but it's a fact of life.

Thanks for the suggestions, all. Unfortunately, I can't go with a Moz-based solution, since we're standardized on Safari (and IE for our Windows folks). Sferyx looks promising...
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Nvu or, to stretch the definition a bit, Macromedia Contribute.
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holloway, how are you using that with Safari? It's just a standard textarea when I try it w/Safari 1.2.2
Yeah, sorry, I was responding to the post above mine.
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