Toy Drums sets in popular recordings?
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What popular or well known recordings use toy drum sets for percussion?

I'm contemplating doing the RPM Challenge next month and I was wondering what it would sound like to use a cheapo children's mini drum set on a few of the songs.

I heard that Charlie Watts supposedly used something similar, on Street Fighting Man.

This made me curious about what other recordings use toy drum sets for percussion. Street Fighting Man was the only example I could find, but there are probably more. Anybody know of any examples? I'd be eager to hear what kinds of different sounds are possible.
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Pianosaurus did at least one album using entirely toy instruments back in the early '80's
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According to this comment, Ian Paice (drummer for Deep Purple) sometimes used a Planet of the Apes toy drum set. I'm really hoping this is true ;)
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Didn't Presidents Of USA use a toy drum kit? Well it was definitely a miniature one in videos etc. Whether or not is on the recordings I don't know.
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The Art Ensemble of Chicago, among other avant-garde jazz experimenters, are well-known for their use of 'little instruments.'
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By The End of Tonight is a heavy rock band that used to use a toy drum kit but gave that up in recent years. "Setting Sail in April" for example is done on one.
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Here's a link to my favorite Pianosaurus song, "The Sun Will Follow." Click on "Play Now."
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Reverie Sound Revue uses (or used) a mini kit.
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^^^I don't know how popular or well known they are though.
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The production for Peter Gabriel's Up note that Manu Katche used a toy drum kit during recording.
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Find a copy of the Self cover of "What a Fool Believes" Really, really good.
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Pram's early stuff was recorded with toy instruments, including drums, I think.
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I understand that some of the sound effects in the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" are someone hitting the bottom of a Dixie cup.
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If you can track down some of Ed's Redeeming Qualities' early stuff, Dan Leone used a toy drum set extensively. Check out the More Bad Times album especially.
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Thank you everybody for your answers.
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I'm not sure if they qualify as popular, but the Tiger Lillies' Adrian Huge used a real toy drum set at one point.
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