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I just received an anti-Huckabee push poll. Who was it from?

I'm in South Carolina, and the Republican primary is in a couple of days. I was just about to leave for work and got a call from Telepoint Communications at 856-627-1792. The person on the other end said "We're conducting a quick three questions survey" and I said "Go ahead" and she said "Does knowing that Mike Huckabee" something something amnesty for illegals "make you more or less likely to vote for him?" and I said "I'm not going to vote for a Republican either way, so it doesn't affect me" and she said "So that would be the answer to all my Huckabee questions?" and I said "Yeah" and she said "Okay thanks for your time" and hung up. After the call I started wondering which campaign or group was behind the call. I know that they all do it, and I am not mad or planning on holding a grudge or anything. I am just curious. I tried to call back, but just got a busy signal. Anyone know which campaign or group might be behind this push poll? Thanks.
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Best answer: Here's some info on pro-Huckabee push polls in South Carolina.
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According to the link, I think it's possible that it might have been a pro-Huckabee push poll.
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Best answer: Mike Huckabee was on "Morning Edition" the other day discussing reports of push polls in his name. Apparently, he doesn't like it but there's nothing he can do about it.
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According to their Yahoo Business profile,
Telepoint Communications gets the point of a call. The company provides inbound, outbound, and customer care services to businesses that outsource their call center activities. Telepoint Communications serves clients in a variety of industries such as media, consumer goods, retail, and financial services. Customers have included AT&T, The Wall Street Journal, Gannett Co., and Equity One.
You could try contacting them at the phone number given there, but I doubt they'll give out information on their clients without a very good reason.
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Response by poster: Maybe it was pro-Huckabee. I hadn't had any coffee and was only halfway listening. Huh. Thanks for looking everybody. If anybody has any more info, it would be appreciated, but if not I will just assume that it was pro-Huckabee and that I need to listen more carefully when people other than me are talking, which I find difficult.
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Man, I have to work on Sunday because of the SC Primary. THANKS. :P

I agree with jk252b. Probably Romney. They had a fun couple of days in Iowa with this kind of campaigning.
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By Sunday, I mean Saturday.
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Almost certainly Romney.

Or more accurately probably a group working _completely_ independently from the Romney campaign that the Romney campaign knows nothing about. (wink wink) There's also pro-Huckabee "independent" groups, as kjars mentions. And there's democratic equivalents.

If they wanted to stop them they could, but it works, so they don't.
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It might be Common Sense Issues, a nonprofit that's backing Huckabee. I'm in New Hampshire, and got one these right before the election. I would call the attorney general's office in your state to complain.
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You might want to email the good people at who blog about all sorts of interesting political polling stuff. Also, the thing to be aware of is that sometime polls that sound like push-polling are actually message-polling or micro-targeting polling, which both can use jarringly short polls.
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You might be able to find more information digging into the info over at
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