"Tokini mi ni to sa, mochi ni ku muta..."
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What language is Cirque du Soleil's "Rivage" in?

This has been bugging me for years now, and I just thought to search for its lyrics online (they're not in the book that came with its album, Quidam). The name of the song is French for "shore", but the lyrics - well - look for yourself (apologies for the link to yet another possibly-obnoxious lyrics site). I have no clue as to what language this is - these probably aren't even the official lyrics, just someone's transliteration of them, so I can't rely on any clues. None of the distinctive words like "estmi" and "ikoraƫ" turn up anything useful on Google, so I'm asking the hive mind for help.

P.S. If it turns out to be just nonsense, that's fine. It's catchy nonsense.
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Cirque du Soleil official FAQ:

Cirque language

Most of Cirque du Soleil's lyrics are in "Cirquish," a language totally invented by the composers, so they don't have a special meaning.

(I'm assuming it's this.)
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