Los Angeles haircut recommendation?
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HaircutFilter: Where can I go in the Los Angeles area to get a good men's haircut?

Any recommendations on someone who can see what your hair does naturally and figure out a good cut for it? (Not particularly interested in doing much other than brushing it in the morning [and my fiancée is not a fan of sticky stuff in my hair], so not looking for someone skilled at using hairspray and gel and all that)
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What do you want to spend? I like Shorty's on Fairfax for a $20 walk-in cut that's usually quite reliable. (I have friends from San Francisco who make a point to stop there whenever they're in town.) If you want to spend closer to $100, I know a stylist who used to work at Vidal Sassoon who's effing great. MetaMail me for her name.
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The Hair Café on Fifth Street, Santa Monica - $50 for a good haircut and friendly people. No sticky stuff or goo, unless you request it! Easy to park up too.
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I know people who like Rudy's on Sunset in Silverlake (cheap), and I used to go to the Vidal Sassoon hair academy in Santa Monica (also cheap, but it took FOREVER).
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I always just look for the true barber pole and figure there is a place where I won't get screwed. If it has "Salon" in the name you are going to bend over at the time to pay. That is not to say that John Edwards $300 haircuts look bad.
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Old Glory Barbershop in Venice. Good prices (sounds like a haircut there would run you $25), great atmosphere, friendly people. I'm a chick with crazy curly hair and Sarah (the owner) gives me the best cut I've ever gotten, but on any given day I'm usually the only woman waiting along with five or so regular guys who just want regular, no-hassle cuts.
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my coworker seemed to like suburbia on ventura at carpenter, where he got his fauxhawk touched up for $50. they have a valet.

i got my white-boy afro razed at supercuts for $16, which did me fine, but i'm strictly a zero-maintenance type of guy.
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