SF Bay Area Physical Therapist for active older person?
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My 74-year-old father-in-law broke his femur skiing last week. Please recommend a physical therapist in the SF Bay Area for a very active older person.

He's not really sure how it happened, but before lunch on his first day of the ski season my f-i-l wiped out hard and broke his femur in two places. Fortunately the fracture was not compound and did not cause major bleeding, but he did need surgery to repair the break. As a result he now has a titanium rod inserted into his leg as well as some good drugs.

After getting released from the hospital this morning, he's facing a few months of recovery, during which everyone agrees that it would be a good idea for him to get some physical therapy. However, my wife is concerned that your garden-variety PT will read her father's chart and see a geezer with a broken hip (he's 74). That's true -- but he's a very active guy. He's got more energy than I have, and I'm half his age. He really needs something more than a program designed to return him to a weekly bridge game at the local senior center.

Any suggestions for a good PT who has experience dealing with sports injuries in older folks, or suggestions of how to find one? This is in the SF bay area -- east bay would be preferable but not required.
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Do you trust your father's doctor? Would you feel comfortable pursuing the recommendations he could give you?

My big-deal orthopedic surgeon at Stanford Med Center was very enthusiastic about Active Care in San Francisco- in particular, the head of the place (whose name I unfortunately can't remember). I had a relatively minor injury, so don't have a good sense of how they'd react to the specifics of your father's situation. But I'm sure the Stanford clinic would be happy to offer some specific suggestions- and particular names- if you gave them a call.
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My whole family goes to Joyce Glick in San Francisco. Her number is (415) 674-9704. She's incredible.
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Response by poster: Thanks for both recommendations -- we'll start with his doctor, but we wanted to have a fallback position in case that didn't work out.
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