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I've got a .mac account, and I'm attempting to put some MP3s in my Public folder (via iDisk Utility)--but they show up on the page with a .mp3-binhex.hqx suffix. How do I get them to be downloadable as straight-up .mp3 files, or at least .mp3-link.mp3 files? Thanks.
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They probably have a resource fork on them. You can use the Grim Ripper contextual menu plugin to get rid of the resource forks.

if that doesn't work, try copying them direct in the Finder.
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You the ranks of the mp3bloggers? (If so: Welcome!)

This took me some headaches to figure out, but the way you link to the files is like so:[username]/.Public/[filename.mp3]

They'll only be linkable that way if the filenames don't contain spaces or hyphens (there are probably other forbidden characters as well), and the filenames must also be no longer than 30 characters or maybe a little less.
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You the == You joining the...

Oh, and I should also say that although this is the linking method I use, and TTIKTDA uses, fluxblog, also with .mac hosting, employs a slightly more convoluted approach.
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What Marquis said, but with a reminder not to forget the capital P in Public or the dot before it.

I actually don't use the Public folder on my iDisk. I put any graphics/photos I want to share or link to in the .Photos folder, and any music I want to share or link to in the .Music folder (same link formatting, but .Photos or .Music instead of .Public). I think the purpose of the .Public folder is to be a repository for any and all files you want to share, which will automatically show up in a list on your .Mac site's File Sharing section.
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