Looking for blog and podcast networks
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Looking for blog and podcast networks.

I really like it when a group of sites is in a network and is able to tie a disparate amount of content together. Same with podcast networks.

I'm talking about groups like Gawker Media, The Awl Network, Ace
Broadcasting, and the Nerdist Network. It doesn't matter how big or small these are, just as long as they are a "network".

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There's Earwolf comedy podcasts, and the WNYC series of podcasts.
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MaximumFun.org has quite a few podcasts and Metafilter is a sponsor of a few of them.
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Two of my favorite podcast networks:
Leo Laporte's TWiT.TV (mainly tech focused)
Scott Johnson's Frogpants Studios
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Kevin Smith's Smodcast
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Grantland (well, on iTunes they're only divided into the BS Report and Grantland, but Grantland is comprised of several different podcasts)
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Rabble is interesting progressive Canadian independent journalism with quite the network of podcasts.
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For old-time radio, there's quite the assortment of different podcasts from Relic Radio.
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5x5 has a number, mostly techhie in orientation ...
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deathsquad. Lots of comedians and other unsavory folks.
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