How to make the Mac play nice with my Sansa?
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How to sync Macbook with a non-iPod MP3 player?

I have a Sansa e250, and I love it. I also love my new Mac. However, I've been having a small issue with syncing music onto the Sansa.

On my old Windows machine, I used to have a Sansa folder on my hard drive and then would just sync both folders each week using a program called Allway Sync, which removed listened to MP3's and added on the new stuff I'd downloaded that week.

With the Mac, I can't find a similar program, possibly due to the dominance of iTunes.

So, Hive Mind, is there a program or method I can use to get this functionality on my Mac?
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If you don't mind working with the command line, you could write a script that utilized rsync.
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Response by poster: I'm not terribly savvy with the command line, so that might be out unless there's a simple script out there I could just execute.
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Maybe this Automator action will work. (I haven't used it. And you don't say what OS version you have.)
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There is a program called SyncTwoFolders for the Mac. You could possibly set up the program to monitor both your HD and your Sansa and then sync them periodically. I'm not sure how it would do with a device that disappears on a regular basis though.

The program offers a feature that deletes files that begin with specific characters. Perhaps you could use this to have it delete music you had listened to.
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Response by poster: I have a new MacBook, so it is the latest version of OSX Leopard.
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I'd use rsync, but if you want a gui for it you could use Arrsync.
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ChronoSync is the slick/friendly one, but it's not free.
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If you want to use iTunes (and your music isn't DRM'd), itunemywalkman works well and is free. Just create a playlist with the music you want to transfer. I use it with my sansa fuze.
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You might take a look at XNJB.
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