"Woo! Woo!" tricycle guy
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Has anyone in Boston seen the "Woo! Woo!" tricycle guy? I usually expect to see or hear him in spring, and here it is June and I haven't seen him. Obviously, I don't know the guy, but he adds a lot of character to the town and I hope that he's okay and continuing to do his thing.

For those who don't know who the "Woo! Woo!" tricycle guy is, he's some guy who rides his tricycle on the sidewalks of Boston Proper while simulataneously yelling "Wooo! Woooo!" at the top of his lungs so that you'll get out of his way. He's an institution, and when he comes back after the snow melts, you know that spring has arrived.
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I used to see him in both boston and cambridge all the time. I haven't seen him this year either. Last time I saw him was last fall on prospect st in cambridge. I hope he's ok too.
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I last saw him...hmmm, probably a couple of weeks ago? He was over in Brookline (Woo Woo-ing up Harvard in Coolidge Corner).

My office moved from the Back Bay to over by the Fleet Center, so I haven't seen him much lately. He was always at the Rattlesnake. Or "George's American Tavern" or whatever the hell it's called...
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I only saw him in Cambridge; I didn't know he made it over the bridge. I wonder which bridge he took? Mass Ave would probably be the best on his bike...

But I haven't seen him this year (and I also no longer live in Cambridge, but I make it back there frequently).
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Is he at all related to Ronnie Woo Woo in Chicago?
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Best answer: I saw him a few weeks back at a bar (Jeanie Johnstons) in JP. His voice is hoarser than it's been in awhile. His route changed somewhat, I think, with the gentrification of Central Square. He's got a new bike, though, and a trailer-thinggy on back. So he's living the good life at least.

I long for the day when Mr.Butch will leap out of a tree and fight Woo Guy for the title of Supreme Bostonian.
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Response by poster: Mr. Butch has aged. I left a job in Allston in 2001, and prior to that I used to see him on Harvard Street every weekday. I went to the Sunset a few weeks ago and saw him for the first time in three years. He looked considerably less robust.

Glad to hear that Woo Woo guy is okay!
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Now I'm feeling out of touch. I've worked in Boston at various locations for over ten years and I have no idea who this man is. Nor so I know who Mr. Butch is.

I do know who Little Joe Cook is, however.
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I just heard him a few weeks ago. I remember because it was finally warm enough to open our windows. Around 8 or 9 at night I heard the "Woo Woo" from the street. This also was in JP.
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Once Mr. Butch vs. "Woo! Woo!" tricycle guy is resolved, we can take it east coast vs. west coast with winner taking on Pink Man.
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I've seen him a couple times in the past month or so on Commonwealth (BU campus).
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After responding the first time, I was talking to a co-worker and he mentioned he just saw the WWTG in Harvard Square this weekend where his "woo" scared some tourists out of the streets before there was an unfortunate accident. Stupid tourists, not even caring about the true sights of Harvard. Anyway, he's still triking around Harvard.
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he's passed my window on Huntington near Symphony very recently. within a week.
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saw the woo woo guy heading down mem drive by the big dome at MIT a month or so ago, during finals. first time i saw him in cambridge, actually; i'd only previously seen him on newbury street, terrifying all the yuppies...
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I lived in Allston for a year until last summer and have never heard of Mr. Butch. Who is he?
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Response by poster: Mr. Butch is a homeless character who hangs out on Harvard St., usually near the corner of Comm. Ave. He's about 6'5", middle-aged, black and has dreadlocks. He's always carrying a satchel that has "The Mr. Butch Show" chalked on it. His fame comes from the fact that he plays junked musical instruments and, more significantly, occasionally yells hilariously random stuff at passerbys through a megaphone.

He once pointed it at me (in the late 90's) and screamed "Call Governor Sa-loo-cheee and tell him he's an asshole!"
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