Froggers anyone?
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Probably about 5 years ago my friends and I were going on a hiking trip up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire we stopped on the way up in what my dad says was Rochester, New Hampshire and ate breakfast at a little restaurant called Froggers. It was called Froggers because everything was covered in different types of frogs, from dolls to wooden statues to toy frogs, anything frog related you can think of. Does anybody from that area remember that restaurant or have any information? It might not have been the right town
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While I do not know the answer to that question, some googling indicates that this guy might.
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Best answer: Looks like it might be called Froggies Place.
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(every link except the first one points to the restaurant in Rochester)
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I'm from that general area (Portsmouth, to be exact) and I've never heard of that place.

Which direction were you coming from? Unless you were coming from the east (Maine), Rochester isn't really on the way to the White Mountains... you may be thinking of another town- there are several towns in NH with the "chester" suffix.
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Best answer: A more useful link.

For a small city of 28,000, it seems ironic that you'd post this question the same day as this.
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I'll be damned... I lived in that area for 25 years. Looks like Froggies somehow slipped under my radar.

And yes- like Fogster, I too was curious if the Rochester memory was spurred on by today's news.
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Wow, never heard of it. Such a cosmopolitan town, first a hostage crisis, now a frog-themed restaurant.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! The Froggies Place sounds more like it. And my dad was explaining to me where the hostage crisis was and that brought up the memory of this place. Thanks again
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Yup, Froggies Place. Nice to see a non-wacko reference to the Roch!
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