Road trip stops from Boston to Stowe, VT?
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Road trip stops from Boston to Stowe, VT this coming weekend Nov 2,3,4. More details inside...

My wife and I are driving from Boston, MA to Stowe, VT for a fun weekend and are looking for suggestions of things to do in Stowe, but also places that might be fun to stop along the way. I am a native New Englander she is from Virginia so new to all the New England stuff.

Pretty much driving i-93 to i-89 going near Manchester, Derry, Warner, White River Junction, Concord, Lebanon, Montpelier. Obviously a few of those are a few minutes off the path we are traveling but for something good we would be willing to go a bit out of the way.
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Response by poster: Additional note (if it matters) supposed to be about 45 degrees and mostly Sunny...
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Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour in Waterbury, near Stowe.
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Having grown up near the intersection of 89 and 93, and gone to college near the intersection of 93 and 91 some of these might be fun:

- Beech Hill Farm - beautiful farm in Hopkinton, NH. Corn maze, ice cream, animals, all in a great setting.
- Dartmouth College - stop for lunch in Hanover, NH. Highly recommend the Dirt Cowboy Cafe, Murphy's on the Green, or the Canoe Club.
- if you're into cooking, visit the King Arthur Flour Company store in Norwich, VT (just off 91)
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Drop by Cold Hollow Cider Mill on Waterbury-Stowe road (you'll be driving right past it). It's kinda touristy, but they should still be making cider in early November - and there are free samples. And be sure to buy a FRESH CIDER DOUGHNUT and scarf it down warm. Tis a wonderful thing.
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On Waterbury-Stowe road (just down fro B&J) there is a fantastic cheese tasting shop - Cabot Cheese.

If you REALLY like cheese, do yourself a favor and go to the Cabot Creamery.
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My wife and I were in Stowe last weekend. Neat little town. There's a covered bridge that's pretty nifty. Also seconding the Cold Hollow Cider Mill... The donuts and cider were pretty awesome, and you can buy apples for 30 cents per pound. The cabot cheese outlet has all of their varieties out for sampling - I had fun and I only mostly like cheese.
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Don't go to the Ben and Jerry's factory; it is simply not as cool as it sounds (sorry).

If you're looking for quintessential New England, Woodstock, VT is a great stop for lunch, a stroll and small town shopping. The Simon Pearce glass and ceramic studio is in nearby Quechee and also has its own great restaurant overlooking a river (the view is lovely).

Hanover is OK too. The Hood Art Museum is there and it has quite a collection.

If you're into a slightly more artsy, blue collar scene, stop in to the Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction, VT.

The Culinary Institute of New England is in Montpelier, VT. They have an especially good brunch.

I must have food on the brain. *Sorry for the lack of links!
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Ben & Jerry's is definitely not as cool as it sounds, but it's OK.
The cider donuts are unbelievably good.

Also seconding Simon Pierce and the Tip Top.

In Stowe- Miguel's for Mexican.
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Not a native of New Hampshire (just moved up 4 months ago), but I've done the i-93 drive from Massachusetts up to Manchester, NH for work 5 days a week for nearly a year prior to that. Anyway, here's my sort take on doing the i-93 drive:

Exit 1, Salem- If you want to shop this is a good place. Rockingham Mall is a large mall, and down on Rockingham Road are endless stripmalls

Exit 4 and 5, Derry/Londonderry- Mac's Apple. Pick apples or check out the scarecrows. If you do the drive around Londonderry;s backroads (ex: High Range Road) there's a lot of narrow winding streets lined with lovely trees and some old farm houses.

After that you can take i-293 into Manchester. Exit 1 has the Mall of New Hampshire (smaller than Rockingham Mall) and more stripmalls for shopping. Exit 5 takes you downtown, which doesn't really have anything noteworthy other than Downtown (which is like 4 blocks) Elm St for a quick drive through with some restaurants.

These might be out of your way, but I've enjoyed these experiences so far for experiencing New England:

- "Hike" the Rattlesnake Ridge/Old Bridal Path in Holderness, NH. It's a quick and easy 15 minute walk up with a nice view of the lake.

- Madame Sherri's Forest in West Chesterfield, NH. Go on flickr or google up some pictures it's nice especially in the fall atmosphere.
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