New England weekend getaway
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Where, within 3-4 hours of Providence, RI, can a couple find a nice B&B with easy access to impressive foliage, good hiking, and some really excellent dining? We're particularly interested in VT and NH, although perhaps there are some options in MA. All responses welcome.
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Well, I would check Airbnb. Disclaimer: I have an Airbnb cabin in another state. I really love Airbnb. A great group of people.
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Best answer: I recently visited the North Conway area and I think that would be an awesome place for you to go. There are a number of highly rated B&B's you can find on TripAdvisor, and it's adjacent to Mount Washington, Crawford Notch, and Franconia Notch State Parks so the options for hiking are fantastic. There's surprisingly good food in town (you can check it out on Yelp).
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Yeah, treehorn+bunny makes a really good suggestion. My family spends most of its vacations in the White Mountains, in the North Conway area, and it is SO beautiful! I love it there. We were just in Jackson, NH, and there are a ton of B&Bs in that area. The hiking is great (my dad and I climbed Mount Washington), there are rivers everywhere, and I bet the foliage is amazing! Google Maps says just under 4 hours from Providence (and it's a really lovely drive).
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Came in here to suggest North Conway and environs as well. Traffic will be stupid in and around peeping season, but it is gorgeous and the hiking is ridiculously good. It's enough of a tourist town that there are some great places to eat considering that it is in the middle of nowhere.
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Blue Horse Inn, Woodstock, VT. Beautiful place, wonderful little town, some outstanding restaurants nearby.
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Several places around Woodstock are nice, but book soon, leafpeeper season is almost here
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There is a great inn & restaurant in Newfane, VT, and the area (Southeast VT, between Brattleboro and Putney) is full of charming little towns & foliage galore, but I would suspect the nicest B&Bs have been booked up for months.
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Portland, Maine has fantastic restaurants, and there are B&Bs on Peaks Island, a pleasant 20 minute ferry ride from town.

in Portland - Carleton Inn, West End Inn, The Danforth
also Regency Hotel in the Old Port, Hilton Garden Inn Portland Downtown Waterfront
on Peaks Island (still part of Portland) - Inn on Peaks Island, Peaks Island House
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Nthing the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Unbelievably gorgeous. Make sure you go to Franconia Notch.
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