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Please help me find or create "dramatic groundhog"-like sound effects.

I'm directing my high school students in a play, and we need a music cue that sounds something like the sound in the dramatic groundhog youtube video.


Hive mind, there are a couple of ways you could help me:

-Point me to a clean-sounding .wav file of the aforementioned 5-second bit of music or to something from the same genre.

-Point me to sheet music or tablature of the chords of the music that I could use to program a half-baked version into Garage Band.

Thanks much!
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Response by poster: I should maybe add that my efforts to search for music like this on free sound effects websites have so far turned up only the opening measures of Beethoven's 5th symphony, which is too classy.
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In the episode "The Haunting of Bill Crouse" from the British sitcom The IT Crowd, Moss's phone has a dramatic ringtone of this sort, which is played twice. You might have some trouble separating it from the laugh track, though.
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Best answer: How about Monty Python's aptly named 'dramatic chord' (via)
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Best answer: Or the actual sound used in dramatic groundhog, which is apparently from Young Frankenstein. (via)

Kindall has the brass ring though - I have that ringtone in question and the sound it begins with is the quintessential classic dramatic entrance music. I cannot for the life of me find it (or even name it) outside that ringtone, though.
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Best answer: Ha. Gotta love askmefi. Ringtone is in the first post, raw sound is in the last.
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Best answer: Here my ringtone: shocking.mp3. I extracted it from an old YTMND, and I think it might fit the bill. Before that, I used this one, in the same vein: star-trek-fight.mp3. Oh, and arnold.mp3 for kicks.
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