Camera and Video in South Bay Area?
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Any good video & camera / accessory shops in the South Bay area?

More specifically, I'm looking for video & camera shops with lenses and accessories. For example, I have a Canon HD20 camera that I want to enhance with a wide-angle lense. What's the best place?
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Best answer: I'm assuming you're talking about California, yes?

Keeble & Schuchat in Palo Alto is a great shop. I bought my first camera (Canon AE-1 Program) there over 20 years ago. Haven't been inside in a while, but I assume it's still the same top-notch type of place.
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Seconding Keeble & Schuchat. By far the best stocked and run camera shop I've ever encountered.
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3rding K&S. Wolf Camera might also be worth a visit. The senior people in the store on De Anza Blvd. in Cupertino seem to know what they're doing. My wife bought her Canon there.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations guys. I'm going to give it to a_green_man for being first.

DWS, I've tried a few Wolf's in the area and they typically don't have very much selection. But thanks!
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