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Where can I download good-quality clips of (your current favorite) TV ads? Bonus points for visually-interesting spots without voiceover or dialogue.

I've realized that my job stinks and, in addition to a number of other brands I've got in the fire, I'd like to try my hand at scoring TV, film, and ads. I understand that it's helpful to have a demo reel, but the only credit I've got so far is a short, unimpressive snippet in a (BAFTA-winning!) short animation.

I'd like to re-score neat ads (or other videos) both to develop such a portfolio and to work on my scoring chops. Any suggestions of specific ads or, generally, places to download better-than-YouTube-quality video are appreciated (it's got to be save-able; I'd appreciate not having to jump through hoops to save .FLV, too).

Feel free to tell me that this isn't a good way to build a demo reel (I've read a few articles that claim it's acceptable) or that freelancing in this industry is not a good idea, too; the back story wouldn't be there otherwise.

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Best answer: There is only one quality source for ads on the Internet, and iit is maintained by one of our own.

Seriously, no one does this like dabitch.
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I read your post, saw this ad and got to thinking about you.


I thought it was an up lifting score and fun to watch. I don't know where you could download it but it is a good commercial.
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The files aren't that good, but you can find a lot of cool stuff to watch on TV Ark
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