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Where can I find a Style Wars movie poster?

Does anyone know where I can find a movie poster for the 1983 hip hop classic Style Wars? Online would be best but if there is anywhere in the Austin, TX area where I could get it that would work too.
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I Googled "style wars poster" and not much came up (mostly a lot of Star Wars crap), but it made me think; why don't you try to get in touch with one of the artists from the movie to make you a custom one? Many of them are still around doing great artwork. I bet if you mailed one of them the right size sheet of paper in a tube they'd gladly return it to you with some original artwork. A lot of them like Cap, Mare, Daze, Dondi and Trap, are still making graffitti art. I recommend you start by checking out the followup film that was made by the same directors to see which ones you might have a chance at getting in touch with.
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I don't think Style Wars was released in theaters. It first aired on PBS. See the customer reviews at Amazon.
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If you go to the movie's web site, choose, "ABOUT", and then "Download Classic Images and Production Stills", you'll get a zip file with among other things, low-res images of three posters for the DVD re-release. So posters do exist (at least digitally).

The site also has a "shop", which seems to be closed right now. But maybe an email through the link on the site would dig up more info? Let us know what you find out.
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