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How to preload images dynamically in flash so that the image navigation doubles as the load bar. Like http://big.dk/projects/lim/lim.html

If someone could point me in the right direction would be great, since i am a bit rusty with flash and am not quite sure which way to look.
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Best answer: Somthing like this (Actionscript 2.0):

//this script goes in frame one of the Timeline
//this array is a list of movieClips in the library. Each is a
//screen in this site. Make sure these mcs have their Linkage
//set to Export for Actionscript;
var arrScreens:Array = ["screen1","screen2","screen3","screen4","screen5"];

//the navigation-button symbol in the library.
var strNavGraphic:String = "navGraphic";

var numNavHolderX:Number = 10;
var numNavHolderY:Number = 300;
var numDistanceBetweenNavs:Number = 45;

var numId:Number;


function init():Void
mcNavHolder._x = numNavHolderX;
mcNavHolder._y = numNavHolderY;
numId = setInterval(preloader,50);

function preloader():Void
var numPercent:Number = getPercentLoaded();
var numNavs:Number = getNumberOfNavsNow(numPercent);
if (numPercent == 1) clearInterval(numId);

//returns the percent as a fraction (e.g. .05)
function getPercentLoaded():Number
return Math.floor(_root.getBytesLoaded/_root.getBytesTotal);

function getNumberOfNavsNow(numPercent:Number):Number
//one nav item for each screen;
var numTotal:Number = arrScreens.length;
return Math.floor(numTotal * numPercent);

function displayNavs(numUpThrough:Number):Void
for (var i:Number = 0; i <> {
if (!exists("mcNav"+i)) addNav(i);

function exists(strInstanceName:String):Boolean
return (mcNavHolder[strInstanceName] != undefined);

function addNav(i):Void
var mcNav:MoveClip;
mcNav = mcNavHolder.attachMovie("strNavGraphic","mcNav"+i,mcNavHolder.getNextHighestDepth());
mcNav._x = i * numDistanceBetweenNavs;

function addClickHandler(mcNav:MovieClip,num:Number):Void
mcNav.onRelease = function():Void {mcScreenHolder.attachMovie("screen"+1,1)}
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Response by poster: Thanks just what i was looking for!
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