AIM version?
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Best version of AIM?

So I’m about to start a new job and for the last 8 months haven’t been able to use AIM due to the communist IT guys at current employer. Previously I would NEVER upgrade my AIM b/c of all the extra crap ad’s and what not that came with the newest versions so I ask what is the best version to use (I also don't remember what version I used, maybe 4.something)?

I don’t need file transfer or anything else I just need the ability to IM. It also doesn’t have to be AIM I just have an AIM acct that I would like to continue to use and my contacts are all on AIM
– I just do not want ad’s or news or stock quotes, astrology, recipes…
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Pidgin. (

-Open source
-Clean interface
-Easy to use
-Safe (no ads or anything)

Otherwise, use Meebo ( It's an online IM program that seems to be really popular. Personally, I love Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim).
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I've been very happy with Pidgin (formerly 'gAIM'). Supports all the IM protocols I need, and no ads. ANd it's free. Failing that, meebo works really well too.
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on preview: dammit
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If your IT guys were communists they'd probably let you use pidgin. Capitalist IT guys like Trillian.
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I personally like AIM Lite.
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AIM 5.9 isn't bad. Pidgin has a lot of problems with AIM groups and buddies and can mangle your buddy list.
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I will agree with the recommendation of Pidgin.

If you want to get those old versions of AIM, go with none other than!

Also, you may want to look at AIM Pro, which is a new version that AOL themselves have released that as far as I can tell does not have ads.
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I use koolim. It allows me to log into all of my various accounts at once--even multiple yahoo accounts. It also has email notification--one window tells me if I've gotten mail in any of my 6 or so email accounts. There's nothing to install, since it's web-based. But, really, the main reason I use it is that it's the only one that has escaped my office filters (so far).
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I have just fired up Meebo, and I'm very very pleased. I had been using AIM Express here at work, where I can't download programs, and it was so flaky I can't even tell you. So Meebo ++ for non-download access.
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I use Trillian, though there is something to be said for Google Talk, and the component of it that is built into Gmail. It's computer independent, and it allows you to check your comment history from anywhere.

I'd love to move completely over to it, but I also have too many contacts who are entrenched in AIM/ICQ.
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If you have a mac Adium is a must.
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I've been using gaim/Pidgin for about four years now, and I've never seen it mangle anything. I recommend it wholeheartedly.
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My buddy list is still a bit screwed up from an old gAIM. (I believe I rearranged the whole thing in real AIM and the next time I logged in from gAIM it tried to reimpose the old order, so I have some weird/duplicate entries and groups) Obviously not a big deal since I never bothered to fix it, but you have to be careful with the open source. Also back then it was a complete failure at sending files. Maybe it's better now.
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I would have to recommend Trillian. It's an AIM client that can also be used for Y!, ICQ, IRC, MSN... Pretty much the bee's knees!
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I use the "real" AIM 6 with AIM Ad Hack. I have had enough issues with third-party clients dropping messages and so forth that I would never recommend one. On one memorable occasion, for example, Trillian nearly led to a breakup with my girlfriend.
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I had problems similar to this, this, and this. I still user and recommend Pidgin, but this is something you should be aware of.
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*still use
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+1 for pidgin.
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Also, in case the IT crowd still doesn't permiss, there is a PortableApps version of Pidgin which can be run from a single folder (or, say, on a USB drive).
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Piling on for Pidgin- trillian seems to have a really hard time with Jabber (aka google talk).
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AIM Lite. By the AIM development team. Fast, efficient, and awesome.

Love it. Love it!
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I'm quite fond of Pidgin/gAIM
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Love pidgin. Pidgin portable is especially nice since it is light and can easily live on your flash drive.
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I like Trillian. More feature-rich than Pidgin by far, and I'm an alpha tester so i'm using the new Trillian Astra, which is looking very good thus far.

If you're looking more for stability and lightweight / less features, though, Pidgin is probably fine.
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as a fair warning... meebo is HIGHLY visible on the IT end.. it creates TONS of requests.

Try if meebo gets banned at your work (which mine did)

*I'm currently running Pidgin, but waiting for the ban-hammer to hit that one.
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I have been using Trillian for the past 5 years and it never lets me down.
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