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Need help finding a quick and easy instant messaging (IM) program.

Which IM program is best? I currently use Trillian but am a bit distressed over its bloat issues, which makes me concerned over security and CPU consumption issues. It also has a very confusing interface. Are there bloatless alternatives out there that are not loaded with malware? Payware is ok. I plan on using YIM and maybe AIM.

Also I want to start leaving my IM client up 24/7. Are there security issues I need to be aware of, such as payloads someone could send over IM, or a vulnerability with my IM port being open constantly and visible? I already know not to run executable programs.
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I use Miranda at work, which is tiny and very customizable.
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xchat and a bitlbee server (on cygwin/colinux/third-party) - no buddy icons, typing notifications, or file transfers though.
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Pidgin - I use it for AIM and YIM on both Windows and Linux.
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Another vote for Pidgin.
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I am using the Firefox Meebo plugin, When isn't my browser up?

I'm using Y! and AIM and it supports MSN , GoogleT, ICQ, all the usual suspects.
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I recently switched from Trillian to Pidgen for pretty much the same reason, and have been very happy with it.
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er, make that Pidgin.
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Pidgin indeed.
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Seconding spartacusroosevelt I have my browser open probably 23/7 and the firefox meebo plugin works great.
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Pidgin is stable and great. I've encountered some serious (memory-management related, I think) bugs in Miranda.
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Definitely pidgin. You can even keep any customizations across machines by copying a single folder (%appdata%\.purple since I'm guessing you're on Windows, based on your use of Trillian).
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Messenger is the best. I recommend it.
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If you're concerned about bloat you could use the web-based version of Meebo. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, & Google Talk supported. No need to install anything.
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ex-Trillian to Pidgin user here. Been mostly happy with the change.
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Nthing Pidgin. It's been up and running on my machine for 89 days straight.
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Pidgin convert here, too. I used Trillian for a couple of years, but hated how buggy and complicated it was. I also have Pidgin Portable on my USB drive for when I'm at work.
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Made the switch from Trillian to Pidgin as well. It's a fine program.
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Another vote for Pidgin. Or, if you'd rather not download anything, use Meebo.
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I have Miranda Portable on my USB stick.
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