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Have any MeFites used Source Audio's cool-looking Hot Hands wireless adapter, especially with other manufacturers' gear?

The wireless adapter is designed to work with Source Audio's own wah and phaser/flanger units. But the company's web site says that the adapter has also been used in place of an expression pedal with the Line 6 POD XT and all of the MoogerFooger units.

The possibilities for electronic musicians like myself would seem to be extensive, as this video demonstrates. For now, I just want to use the Hot Hands ring with my Zoom G2 multi-FX unit, which has a 1/4" expression pedal input jack on the back. But I don't really understand how expression pedal control signals work. From the research I've done, it appears that there are at least 2 different "standards," because sometimes an adapter is needed to make a given pedal work with another company's FX unit or keyboard.

Can anyone shed any light on whether the Hot Hands is likely to work with my Zoom G2... or just enlighten me further about expression pedal compatibility issues?
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Response by poster: In the Grey, ikkyu2 said: First of all, I can't get any of your links to to load.

Second, I'd never heard of the Hot Hand and half figured that this was just astroturfing for some boutique pedal. Now that I've looked at your profile I see that's not correct.

Third, having a Zoom instead of a Pod is probably just wrong. If the thing you want to use plugs into a Pod, you should probably have a Pod. Frankly if you play electric guitar and aren't philosophically opposed to modeling effects, you should probably have a Pod. "Buy the damn Pod and use this Hot Hands thing you're trying to use with it" would be my best advice. This kind of advice gets deleted from the green quickly because it's not really an answer to the question, so I didn't bother to post it there.

Fourth, is there a reason you can't just contact the pedal manufacturer with your totally legitimate question? I've never encountered an effects company that wouldn't talk to me on the phone.

Weird about the Source Audio links... they worked fine earlier today, but now they're dead for me too.

This Hot Hands wireless controller gizmo plugs into various brands of effects... at least 3 (the mfr.'s own Hot Hands effects units, the Pod, and the MoogerFooger pedals).

I don't actually play guitar... I do electronic stuff, and am using the Zoom to process vocals and synths, and am perfectly happy with its performance.

I have tried to contact the company (by e-mail), but no response yet. They are a small, relatively new firm, which sometimes means more attentive to customers, and sometimes means lacking in the manpower to field random questions. Maybe I can call them tomorrow (assuming I can find a phone number).
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Response by poster: For future reference:

I went ahead and ordered the Hot Hands wireless adapter from Amazon today.

I've now seen numerous suggestions online that if a given expression pedal (or similar device) doesn't work with a given effects unit, this thing should solve the problem.

I'll post my results here after I experiment with the thing.
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I think you should mark yourself as best answer.
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