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Where can I find some interesting effect pedals?

I'm bored by the more "traditional" selection of effect pedals from big-name makers such as Boss or Digitech, so I'm looking for some more interesting, lesser-known producers of effect pedals. I have a taste for noise and crunchy distortion and glitch and lo-fi but I also appreciate delays and spacey, ethereal short, I'm open to anything.
I do have a DIY pedal somewhere in my closet but I haven't gotten the courage to try putting it together just yet, so I'm also open to resources related to building your own or modding pedals (I don't have any electronic experience so beginner stuff is best).
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You could Try Guitargeek. Just search for an artist you know has an interesting sound and it will show you what their rig looks like. For example. Then just search youtube or go to the pedal manufacturer's website to hear a sample.
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I've heard good things about death by audio's pedals. Built in Brooklyn, made by the guy from A Place to Bury Strangers, they have some wild distortion and overdrive sounds, check out one of their songs.
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Ok, I have a Sparkle Drive overdrive pedal I think is pretty cool. You can work in a clean channel all you want. Signal boost is a bit strong and I'm gonna need a volume pedal soon.

I've heard tons good about the Klon Centaur overdrive pedal. Some say its hyped. I've heard it in concert and I think it has a sweet sound. But there's a backlog, so you can't get one right away.
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If you ever come up to NYC, check out the shops like Main Drag Music. They sell all kinds of a boutique pedals from death by audio, zvex, etc. and then you can try them before you buy them.
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Seconding Electro-Harmonix and, if you have the cash, Moogerfoogers.
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noisefx has a pretty good selection of both mainstream and "designer" pedals. They're also relatively cheap.
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Lovetone makes pedals that would be right up your alley.
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Google "boutique pedals" and you will find what you seek.
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Check out Reviews and information on a wide variety of effect pedals focusing on whats useful for noise and other weird music endeavours.
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A friend of mine makes his own custom pedals and sells them under the brand Kilpatrick Audio.
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Please, please, please pull the kit out of the closet and make it. I can almost guarantee it's not that hard, unless you're doing something way out of your league. Come back to this one later.

But, when you're done, get another. Probably from these guys, or maybe these guys instead. Yeah, some of those pedals are commercially available, but when it comes to making a sound that's different...

Read this and start messing around. The worst thing you'll do by not knowing exactly what you're doing is frying $2 in parts from a cheap online electronics distributor. Let google be your guide. There are a ton of weird and neat things you can do, and seriously, it's not that hard.

Build one of these for approximately $12 in parts from mouser and pretend you're from the OTHER part of the 80's.

Or, for yet another part of the 80's, check out this guy which sounds pretty cool, and has the basic frameworks for doing things that are a LOT more up the glitch and lo-fi alley, in that way that makes you remember the time you spilled a can of Tab in your NES. I'm getting old. Send help.

The delay pedal up there? I just built one. It's super-badass with a good power supply, in that Ryan Moore kind of way.

Kill all the white men?
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Oh, and get a soldering iron, a spool of solid core wire, a cheapass multimeter, and some solder to start out with.

Good luck.
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