Proposing in Palm Springs
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Looking to propose while in Palm Springs this Thanksgiving. Any good romantic restaurants or locations that can be recommended?... We'll be spending the night at Sea Mountain Inn and I want to make this as special as possible...all ideas welcome...thanks
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Palm Springs Tramway. Simply amazing. You'll never find anything like it, and it's spectacularly beautiful. My first choice for something like this.

The Las Casuelas restaurants are amazing, particularly the new one in Cathedral City, but probably not proposal fare.
St. James is beautiful and always busy, looks like they've changed the name, but it's tucked away off of Palm Canyon Drive.

You do know what you're getting into with the Sea Mountain Inn, right?
FWIW, I grew up in the area, email's in the profile if you want more.
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I second the tram.

Also, are you aware that the Sea Mountain Inn is a specialty hotel?
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My vote is with Citron (360o panorama) in the Viceroy Palms Springs. The dining room is dimly lit by candlelight in the evening, giving the room a nice, warm glow.
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Response by poster: "Sea Mountain Inn" a speciality hotel?
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Response by poster: At my older age I have developed the fear of heights so the Tramway is unfortunately out...but thanks :)
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"Sea Mountain Inn" a speciality hotel?

"USA Premier Adults Only Day Spa Hotel. Awarded Private Romantic Clothing Optional Inn and Day Spa."
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An eye-opening journey through nude America.
"...they arrived at Sea Mountain Resort, an all-nude, all-adult, romantic hideaway nestled among the tiny mirage of a city, Desert Hot Springs....[a] redheaded man, wearing knee-length plaid shorts appeared, escorting them into a whole new world. Within seconds their view went from following the colorful, checked squares of his shorts to being immersed in a sprawling pool of, well, naked people."
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Response by poster: oh, you are talking about the inn being clothing optional...well, my girl is from Japan and going to spas/onsens you are usually in the nude...
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For a great french restaurant, I highly recommend Le Vallauris.
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