What type of primer is best?
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For a previously wallpapered wall, what type of primer is the best to use?

For a wall that has just had the wallpaper removed prior to repainting, which type of primer would be the best? The wallpaper has been removed, but there might be some residual glue in spots. Would an oil or water-based primer be the best base for a new coat of paint?
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When I painted after taking down wallpaper, I just used the basic primer (oil-based, I supposed) for the latex paint I was going to put up. To deal with residual glue, I put on a dust mask and goggles and sanded down the walls with a sanding block before priming and painting.
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Best answer: From my dad, the former housepainter/decorator:

If there is any chance of residual glue, you'll need to wash the walls first. Wash them warm water and trisodium phosphate. Use Savogran's TSP.

Once that's done, use an Oil-based primer/sealer from Zinsser. It'll not only work on the walls, it'll also work on the trim, and anything else that needs painting. It will also hide all the water damage, etc. Then use whatever paint (oil or latex) you want over the primer coat.

Hope it helps.
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Second the TSP. I used it to remove some wallpaper glue in a bathroom last year and it was fantastic.
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Remove as much glue as you can. Then if there's a chance that some remains, prime with a primer-sealer, not just a primer; I usually use a Zinsser primer, but there are other good ones, like Kilz. If you put water-based paint right on top of glue, you can get a crackle effect because the glue absorbs water from the paint, and then shrinks as it dries. (That's actually one way crackle effect is done when it's desired.)
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