Ginormous Vintage Motorcyle Print. MUST. HAVE.
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Help me find a monstrous print of a vintage motorcyle racer, once seen at a bar in Santa Barbara CA.

There used to be a bar in downtown Santa Barbara just off of Chapala called Elsie's. In the pool room, there was an unbelievably great framed print of a guy in a motorcycle race from long ago.
The poster kind of looked like this, but the rider was facing the other direction and the print was GIGANTIC, something on the order of 5 feet x 4 feet. I really want it, or something nearly matching it.

Now that I've looked at about 500-1000 pictures online that don't match it, I thought I'd throw the question out here-- anybody seen that photo? Anyone have a better idea of how to strategically search for something like that?
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Elsie's is still around. This page has a photo which looks like it might have your poster in it, and a phone number if you want to call them and ask if they remember where they got it.
posted by lemuria at 9:09 PM on October 28, 2007

Elsie's is still around.
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This one?
Or try your search again for:
Mondial motorcycle race
Gilera racing

good luck!
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I should have added that once you find the image, you can then have it enlarged at any of a number of places.
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Response by poster: Good to know Elsie's is still around...not sure why I thought it had closed, though I don't live there any more so it's not easy to check!

Strangely, the photo in the link is exactly where the motorcycle print used to be, but that's a different one (looks to be from Easy Rider). I'll give them a call and see if they still have what used to be there.
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The one in the second picture (from lemuria) looks like it might be from Easy Rider. Is it a chopper?
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Response by poster: Not a chopper. That photo has a pic of Elsie's but that's not the photo that used to hang there. It's a vintage racing motorcycle photo, something likely from Mondial.
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