Best weapon for cube warfare?
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GiftFilter: Best toys for cube warfare?

My boyfriend (casual MeFi reader who knows what my handle is, hence the anon question) engages in some good-natured "cube warfare" (Nerf missiles and the like) with his coworkers. His birthday is coming up and I was thinking about getting him something like the USB Missile Launcher or another toy from ThinkGeek. However, other than the Airzooka, I've never seen any of these goodies in person or tried them out. I was hoping the Hive Mind could give me some suggestions on what to get my beau, or what items to avoid.
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Cubicle Defense System.
posted by mlis at 9:54 PM on October 28, 2007

The only one I've seen working is that USB Missile Launcher you linked to, and it pretty much sucks. It can only fire maybe 5 ft. and aiming is pretty slow.
posted by SAC at 9:55 PM on October 28, 2007

How about a repeating rubber band pistol?
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R/C Laser Tag Shocking Tanks - $49.99 - ThinkGeek
Two remote controlled battled tanks with infra red guns

Two control units with built in shocking function and speakers

A direct hit on the tank shocks the driver via the control unit

Indicator lights show when you have been hit. Five strikes and you're out

Battle sound effects for added excitemen

Two shock levels (wimp and tough guy) are available. How brave do you feel?

Requires 6AA and 6AAA batteries (included!)
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I do believe you want this bad boy.

I think a hail of 20 darts should make a fellow cuber think twice.
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Oh god - those motherf*cking shocking tanks... jesus. My roommate got those for Christmas one year. Let's just say hours of fun was had by all. I almost think it's a bit too much for the office if only because the players are guaranteed to be hollering in pain and swearing at each other.
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Also, the "zero fog blaster" is pretty lame, so avoid that one. It makes pretty fog rings which...slowly...float...towards...your...oops it dissipated.
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I've got the catapault, and it works surprisingly well. I can probably hit any of the 5 cubes in my immediate vicinity. Plus, you get to put it together yourself for added fun! I was able to do it in a few hours.
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This is either going to be awesome or inappropriately dangerous, but I really like the Shotblade. If you hit somebody in the wrong spot it'll do some serious damage, but under the right circumstances it's a lot of fun.
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Previous nerf gun discussion.
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How can he have a war without a flag? A few minutes work in Photoshop and some iron-on printing sheets can give him a symbol of the honor and superiority of his cubicle. Of course, the flag will likely be stolen by jealous infidels from accounting, so some extra nerf guns and, perhaps, some sort of alarm system for the flag's staff that beeps upon removal will be needed.

To build the alarmed staff for his flag, simply go to your local Radio Shack and track down the one sales attendant that looks like he still lives in his parents' basement. That guy will know what you need to build the device (and possibly build other, plantable, devices that can be hidden away in enemy cubes).
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I have the Ninja vs Pirate Attack, which I've launched into many a cube. Less missile like but possibly just as fun: An electric paper plane launcher?
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We have just about every Nerf gun known to man in our office (plus all the knockoffs). The tommy gun is cool, but its reliability is lacking a bit. We modded it to accept a nine volt battery and some metal BB-tipped darts. I don't recommend doing this unless you want to start breaking things/people.

This R/C Tank is all kinds of awesome, and it works mostly as advertised. The one complaint I have about it is that even low, industrial carpeting tends to foul up the drives. The wheels that drive the treads have pins that the teeth on the tread fit between, and these teeth tend to snap off if stuff gets caught in there. It's pretty simple to take care of, though.
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Rubber band guns are really, really fun.
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I've always been a real big fan of the airzooka. But warfare is discouraged in my cube farm, so have your boy take down a few fools for me!
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These are Cheap and a ton of fun...

Mini Finger Flyers

Or if you want to get a little more snazzy you could go with these, but they're more expensive and there are less per order..

G-I-D Foam Finger Flyers

Buy a few dozen of these, and as you shoot your co-workers, they will collect them and fire back at you or others...pretty soon the whole office will have a few tucked away for a sneak attack.

Good times.
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