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Where, oh where, can I find a garter belt without frippery?

I prefer the garter belt/stocking combo when wearing hose. But I'm having trouble finding belts that aren't so encrusted with bows, lace and other decoration that they're useless underneath slim skirts.

I'm not so interested in garter belts attached to corsets or bodysuits. A simple belt, especially one that can sit lower on the waist, is what I'm hoping for.

So, ladies (and knowledgeable gents), where do you buy your garter belts? (I know some of you do.) I'm looking for recommendations for specific belts, brands, or retailers in NYC or online.

Thanks very much!
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Best answer: If you want very basic, try the Vermont Country Store.
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Victoria's Secret has plain garter belts. Unfortunately only in red. They have a dozen stores in NYC and of course online.
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Stockingirl has a no-frills style.
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Orchard Corset Center? Kinda old-school but no lace or frippery and located on the Lower East Side.
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Best answer: Hmm, now that I look at the site closely, there's no address, and that worries me that maybe it's just a distributor with a similar name to the place I'm thinking of...sorry. Um, to clarify, that would be: Orchard Corset Center 157 Orchard St.
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I got my plain black garter belt at one of those Victoria's Secret clearance sales for $7, and Vassarette had a good line of stockings and garter belts called "Her Secret" that they used to sell at Target. I think the line is discontinued, but you can still find them on ebay. Frederick's of Hollywood usually has a decent selection of garter belts, some more decorated than others.

If you're looking for something you can wear under a skirt, I've seen styles that look kind of like a plain stretchy miniskirt with garters attached. I can't find a link right now, but I have a feeling something like that would be your best bet.
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The first two on this page might work for you. I have the second one, and it works fine underneath slimmer skirt.

I love Pretty Polly link ups. They're stockings without the bother of a garter belt, because the stocking attaches directly to the underwear. However, it looks as if they may be discontinued - everywhere I look on-line they're listed as "sold out"
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My husband's grandmother is a wearer of non-tarty garter belts. She recommends JC Penney's.
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I second the Gerbe Tentation. It's sleek, has metal clasps and can be tugged on. (Others have a hook and eye closure and are more fussy and lumpy-looking underneath clothes.) Just make sure in advance the online shop has this one in stock, regardless of what the stock availability says.
I am currently going through an annoying backorder/bait-and-switch-y situation with this item as we speak...
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Lascivious's luxury basics collection has a simple, well-made garter belt (or suspender belt as they call it), although it is priced in pounds so will be more expensive. The site is flash, but just look for the Luxury Basics box on the bottom right.

Another place to look in NY is Catriona Mackechnie - it's designer stuff, but they have one of the best lingerie selections in the U.S..

I'm at work just now so can't look, but will try to find a few more options for you this eve - i'm sure i can rustle up some more affordable options!
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You're lucky to be in NYC as there a lot of those olde time places where old jewish ladies size you up and tell you what you need. Someone mentioned the Orchard Corset Center which I think is like that. I like to go to the Towne Shop on the Upper West Side (Broadway and 82nd, around there) for my bras but they have everything there and their sales staff is incredible. I walked in wearing my winter coat, a sweater, and a bookbag whose strap goes across my chest, and the woman just put me in a dressing room, and came back with bras for me to try on...she didn't measure me or anything, just took one look and could tell my size perfectly. All that to explain that they are very good at finding something that suits each person and they are very knowledgable about undergarments.
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