90's e-mail commercial?
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Early-to-Mid 90's commercial: girl in bar slips guy a piece of paper not with her phone number, but with her email address.

It might have been a club instead of a bar. I think I remember it being an IBM commercial, but there's a good chance I'm wrong. There might have been some text or voiceover at the end with "The World is Changing", or something similar. Does anyone remember it, or know where I can find it?
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I have no idea about it, but the concept sounds like the AT&T "Have you ever... ? You will." ads.
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Response by poster: Hmm, could be. Actually my second guess after IBM for some reason was AT&T.
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Just to save someone else the time, it isn't in these or this (all "You Will" ads, most of which are fairly accurate -- except for video on phone booths, because public phones almost don't exist anymore). There's a couple more here but it's an uninspired mash-up, and still no match.

This does seem vaguely familiar, but I'm wondering if it was actually an ISP ad -- something like EarthLink, maybe?
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Was it a bar? Wasn't there one with a dinner/house party? Maybe AOL?
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I REMEMBER THIS. I hope someone can find it.
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I remember this being an AOL ad...
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SANDRA222@AOL.COM? This just popped into my head. I remember her handwriting.
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I remember this commercial and I'm 95% sure it was for AOL. The email address was definitely an AOL address.
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