Ska for my girls?
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I'm making a compilation CD for my little girls (ages six and three) and I'm looking for happy stuff with female vocalists that has the same sort of vibe as Manu Chao's bongo bong, and/or Sublime's happier stuff, but that is appropriate for, you know, little kids.

Thanks for any suggestions! I guess I'm looking for kid-friendly Ska with toasting by female vocalists.
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kid-friendly Ska with toasting by female vocalists = No Doubt.
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Response by poster:
From Hey Baby (which sounds close to what I'm looking for)

When you rock your hips you know that it amaze me
Got me off the hook and nothing else don't phase me
Can you be my one and only sunshine lady
If no, no maybe, Hey Baby

I'm just sippin on chamomile
Watching boys and girls and their sex appeal
With a stranger in the face who says he knows my mom
And went to my high school

Were my daughters to sing this in the presence of my spouse would result in the forcible removal of my manly parts with vice grips.
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Response by poster: edit: itwould result in the forcible removal of my manly parts with vice grips.
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Best answer: What about Shonen Knife? They are fun, write songs about Barbie and a sad buffalo, and they are suuuuper cute.
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It's not ska, but it sounds like you'd like The Bottle Let Me Down.
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Letters to Cleo/Kay Hanley's got the vibe you're looking for in general.

Kay did a series of songs for a show aimed at preschoolers a while back - lyrics are here

She also sings the theme song to My Friends Tigger and Pooh which is a fun song also.
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Old No Doubt was less trashy, if I remember right.

Save Ferris and Dance Hall Crashers are two fun girl-fronted ska bands that come to mind. You'll have to lyric-check everything, cuz I forget most of their songs.

Man, I can't wait to go home and listen to them now.

If you want to move past ska, check out Eisley (sometimes sad, but always very very pretty) and Tilly and the Wall (maybe too adult, but killer rhythms).
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There is a female choir version of clandestino, if you like that song and want to work the... girl power angle.
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Response by poster: girl power angle.

Heh. Well put.
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Althea & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking
Joya Landis: Kansas City
The Soul Sisters: Wreck A Buddy (reggae version of Little Drummer Boy, but about the perils of relationships rather than diminutive percussionists. Don't think it's rude, but hard to tell really)
The Reggae Girls: Rescue Me
Judy Mowatt: I Shall Sing
Paulette Williams: My Island

Also: not ska, but Eydie Gormé's The Coffee Song is wonderful for kids and adults alike. There's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil.
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Old school No Doubt is fun and way more appropriate... especially check out some songs from their self-titled album, like maybe Brand New Day or A Little Something Refreshing (which, by the way, is completely awesome, so let me just say:

I'm hungry

I want some food for my tummy
I want some
Pizza coke and ice cream
Popcorn cotton candy
Marshmallows milkshake and peanuts
Would be so great

Pies chips candy apples
Twinkies frosted flakes
Donuts french fries
And some chocolate cake with mustard

Cookies avocados pancakes
Pineapple juice
Whipped cream on some raw meat
That's not all i could eat

I'm hungry
I'm starving
I want some food for my tum...
I want some
Honey roasted walnuts
Pepperoni slices
Pasta and burritos
Different kinds of rices
Cherries dipped in chocolate
Cottage cheese and jelly
Colonel sander's chicken
Still won't fill my belly

Broccoli sticky syrup
Churros dipped in sauce
Drippy sloppy joes
Then i'm full at last
Ahhh ahhh
I'm full at last

you have to listen to it and then it will be stuck in your head forever).
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dance hall crashers

mates of state

the blow
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Skankin' Pickle?
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Puffy Amiyumi did the theme to Teen Titans and had their own show on Cartoon Network called Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi. They sing in Japanese and English. Indie-rock, ska, disco, it's all in there.

Some tracks:
Boogie Woogie #5 / Hi Hi / Planet Tokyo / Sunrise.
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Man, I was gonna say Puffy Amiyumi.

Try Mrs. Tanaka also. Traffic Tune is pretty much enjoyed by all the rugrats I know.
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Not female vocals, but you might check out Five Iron Frenzy.
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Cibo Mato
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Not ska, about Aqua? or Abba? To get a feel for No Doubt, check out the album "Tragic Kingdom."
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Best answer: Also, check out putumayo. They have great compilations and "Bongo bong" actually came to be known as a kid's song from this album.

Nthing old lyric-checked No Doubt.
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Oh! Or Madness! I'm not sure of all of there stuff, but "One step beyond" has totally kid-friendly lyrics and and great beat.
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I'll second Shonen Knife, but I've always wondered whether their songs were somehow metaphors for something dark and deep, and I'm just too stupid to really understand anything but the surface meaning.

A friend once described them as "the Katamari Damacy of music."
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Best answer: maybe regina spektor's on the radio?
no off-colour lyrics.
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As a grown person, I can't understand what M.I.A.'s saying most of the time; I think your girls are probably safe.

I'd also just look into general music that isn't in English, actually; it skirts the lyrics issue nicely. I like a lot of Brazilian favela funk.
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not necessarily ska, but Greasy Kids Stuff is my nephews favorite radio show. GOOD music that adults actually enjoy....
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Do the songs have to be ska, or current... or even cool? There's a whole ton of '80s pop with female vocalists that's happy and kid-appropriate, if you're willing to include that genre in the mix.

Other than that, I agree with Letters to Cleo, Save Ferris, Shonen Knife, and the Putumayo mixes.

I'd also suggest Freezepop - they're synthy, not ska, but they're so fun and catchy, and quite a few of their songs are kid friendly (check out "Science Genius Girl" and "Here Comes a Special Boy").
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Response by poster: Wow, lots of great suggestions. Sorry I was out of the blue for a while and just got back. I will work through these great looking suggestions, thank you very much!

I also found a copy of Carol King's "Really Rosie" at our local library. It meets none of my earlier criteria but it's awesome nevertheless.
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Feist: Mushaboom
It's fun, light, and she has a beautiful voice.
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The Selecter was the first group that popped into my mind.
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Response by poster: The Selecter (working link)
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Bitch and Animal - 33 Zen Lane

Very cute song. Just don't tell the kids who is singing it. It's really upbeat and fun.
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