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Someone is spoofing email -- making it look like it's coming from me -- and offering to sell people computer equipment. It looks like this is a scam to collect ebay ids. I know about this because one of the guy's emails was returned to me (it couldn't get through to the person he was sending it to). I have his email address. Can I do anything? [more inside.]

About a month ago, I got an email from ebay saying my account was suspended because they believed someone had broken into it. I've been busy, and I haven't had time to re-instate my account (I have to fax all sorts of stuff to ebay).

In any case, here is the email that this guy is sending people:

Dear _______________,

Dear eBay Member, I am a reseller of electronics and we have items such as Sony Vaio Laptops, PDAs, MP3 players and Digital Cameras I know there may be a lot of people sending email offers and disappearing with the money but I am not such a person. I can send you the item in advance and you can send me the payment after you check it out. Let me know, you have got nothing to lose. Email me at with your eBay id so that I can check feedbacks before trusting for a transaction.

Thank you,


mgeduld is MY ebay username. I have already forwarded this to ebay, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do.

I was wondering if someone here with a valid ebay account would be into emailing him/her and asking for more info about the laptops, etc. To see if he'll be stupid enough to give away any info about himself.
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You could always change your username.
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"I got an email from ebay saying my account was suspended because they believed someone had broken into it."

I'm pretty sure everyone has gotten that email. Including people who don't have eBay accounts. It's probalbly a scam to try and trick you into giving up your ebay password. Are you *sure* the email was from eBay?

The fact that they are using your ebay username doesn't mean they hacked your account. That info is publicly visable.
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grumble, my email is in my profile, and I'll send an email for you.
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Thanks, theoras55!!

bshort, I will change my username, but I'd actually like to catch the guy -- if possible. My guess is that it isn't, since all I have is his email address. But I was hoping someone would have a bright idea.

y6y6y6, that was my thought exactly when I got the email from "ebay," but I've since confirmed it with them. They really did suspend my account due to suspected tampering.
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I got a similar e-mail from e-bay too (several times) and I do not have an account at e-bay.

Good luck, but I think your chances range from slim to none of catching the person.
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