Can I stop spammers from faking email from my domain?
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Perhaps a useless and/or redundant question, but... Sleazoid off-shore prescription drug pushers are spamming using faked addresses on my domain. Is there anything I can do to stop this practice, or am I just another cog in the great wheel of spam?
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You've been joe-jobbed. Not much you can do about it but turn off default address forwarding, filter out the bounces, and let your ISP know.
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And doing what bp suggests won't actually prevent them from doing it. It will only keep you from seeing the bounced messages.
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Default address forwarding is off, my hosting provider knows, and the bounce messages are well filtered into their own little folder in which I don't need to pay attention to if I don't want to. I take some perverse pleasure in seeing the bounces, though. It keeps me aware of who is out there and doing such sleazy, awful things.

Why do I get the feeling that these people aren't even really selling viagra and phen-fen at all, and instead are just sucking up people's information as part of an international identity theft scheme?
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Nothing in the short term, but as I understand it ISPs are moving to SPF and the like so that people can verify the sender of emails.
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I hear there are already spammers using SPF, but that least that means you can track them down easier with it.
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for what it's worth, it's probably not personal - i think they just cycle through addresses. so, at least in my experience, it will stop after a while. this happens with addresses in my domain maybe once a month or so (although i have things configured so i may not notice - the bounces look like the virus "mail returned" things anyway).
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I had this happen to me last week. I was really annoying for like two days, then it went away. My ISP told me there was nothing I could do about it.
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