Router that can handle an Airport Base Station, my Mac, Vonage VOIP service and my TiVo
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I use a Macintosh and want to hook up my Vonage VOIP service to an Airport Base Station but I'll need to purchase a router first. I would also would like to invest in a new TiVo Home Media system (for cable tv) but I'm worried that I'll run into problems when TiVo wants to dial out. Any recommendations on which router I should purchase before I set out on this new adventure in wireless networking?
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I thought that an airport base station was a router.
posted by bingo at 9:22 PM on May 18, 2004

The base station is a router --- it will router between the wireless and its single wan port.
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Mac uses 802.11b/g, doesn't it? Why not simply buy a D-Link wireless 802.11b/g router, and call it good?
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This is actually interesting to me as I have some new experience with Airport and Vonage. Sorry to semi-hijack but...

Currently my setup is:

cable modem -> router -> Airport/Vonage/computers/etc.

It's all working fine for me until a friend started staying with me this week. He's running WinXP and we have him on the Airport (gotta use the hex password) but now when the Vonage is being used, the Aiport goes down. As soon as the Vonage call is done, the Airport comes back up like clockwork. It is the strangest thing.

Any advice for me?

Should I redo it like this?

cable modem -> airport -> router -> Vonage/computers?
cable modem -> Vonage -> Airport -> router -> computers?

you get my drift. I dont really want to touch it as it is essentially working but any advice would be appreciated.
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I figured it out last night.

My phone is a 2.4 ghz wireless phone. It conflicts with 802.11b. Until my friend with the WinXP laptop arrived, I was using Airport Extreme/11g which did not conflict.

So there you go - wireless phones and 802.11b do conflict but not 802.11g.
posted by gen at 6:33 PM on May 19, 2004

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