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Licensing of 'abandonware' or classic video games... has anyone heard of any company or individual that was able to rerelease an old video game? If so, what kind of agreements were made with the original company with regards to royalty payments and upfront fees?
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Toys For Bob gave away the source and art for Star Control 2, which makes them just about the coolest damn people on the planet. It probably helped them that they own the copyrights to everything but the name of the original.
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You may want to poke around the AtariAge forums. I know some people over there spend time tracking down copyright owners so that they can legally distribute the roms and such for prototype games that surface, etc.
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Man, I've been waiting for a remake of Origin's Autoduel for years now. Someone bug EA for the copyright to that one.
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Those JAKKs "TV Games" systems-in-controllers are just such a licensing deal: press releases on their site.

I'd be downright shocked if you were able to find any specific information on the financials of these deals. I think it's probably a safe bet that there are both royalties and upfront fees, but I'm just guessing there.

That's for games where a current functioning company holds the copyright, I'd imagine there are some that are pretty hard to dig up the holder.
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Oh, and more importantly, Hackworth:

...It's a safe bet that Richard Garriott remembers AutoDuel fondly. His company, NCSoft, has teamed up with developer NetDevil to revive the idea of car combat in a Mad Max-type universe as Auto Assault...

(as an even further offtopic aside, Gamespy's characterization of Autoduel as obscure is silly).
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Response by poster: I'd be downright shocked if you were able to find any specific information on the financials of these deals.

I guess it's like trying to get advice from lawyers on AskMefi. If they did know what to do, they sure as heck wouldn't divulge the information on a web forum.
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I hope it doesn't suck.
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