Looking for obscure songs from a college radio show
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I am looking for a couple of obscure songs from an old mixed tape I recorded off of KOOP radio in Austin texas about 12 years ago....

The first is a Romanian song ( I believe a wedding song) It sounds very pretty, upbeat, Gypsy-ish. The second is an awesome track of a man listing off names of destinations like "Bermuda, the Caymen Islands" (sounds like an old vintage recording) on top of cool music, the last is an Indian song (sitar) and I do not know how to elaborate other to say I believe his last name was Shankar (not Ravi). It was an upbeat song where the chorus is repeated (sounds like it would be "get up , get up" in English)....please let me know if any of these sound familiar or you can recomend things that sound similar.THANKS!
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Best answer: For the second one: Ramblin' Man by Lemon Jelly?
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Are you sure you didn't mean to say 1-2 years ago? 12 years ago would be almost certainly too long ago for my suggestion.

If you do indeed have a tape , if there was any way you could put clips from the songs online, that would help, too, since for the other two songs, there isn't much to go on. ('upbeat Romanian song' and 'upbeat indian song with repeating chorus.')

Apparently (according to Wikipedia,) Ravi has a daughter 'Anoushka Shankar' who is good/famous on the Sitar. Might be a good place to look. Again, though, 12 years puts it too far in the past, since she is 26.

Anyway, good luck!
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If you've got a tape, have you tried one of those song recognition engines? (Eg)
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C'mon - a Romanian wedding song that sounds "Gypsy-ish" only describes about 80,000 different tunes (!) - post these and it'll help you a lot.
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The second one might be Kokomo by The Beach Boys.
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Response by poster: I LOST THE TAPE!I KNOW IT IS ALL TOO VAGUE BUT I WAS JUST HOPING...if you have any suggestions of things that sound similar to these descriptions please post them
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