Decent elliptical on a budget?
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Decent elliptical on a budget? (more inside)

I'm looking to buy an elliptical machine to do cardio work at home. I really like the big fancy computerized ones at the gym, but I'm finding I'll be better off working out at home.
Can anyone recommend a good, solid elliptical with adjustable resistance and a "feel" similar to gym-style ones? It doesn't have to have all the bells+whistles of the gym ones (programming, heart rate monitoring, etc.).

I have a feeling that the 'gazelle' brand is not what I'm looking for but if anyone has rave reviews of one of those, I'm happy to listen.

The cheaper the better, as long as it's a reasonably quality piece of gear--I don't have $800 to throw into this. $2-500 is more reasonable, at the lower end if possible.
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You can often get a very good deal on used gym equipment, because people buy them and then end up using them as clothing racks. When I bought my elliptical, I searched Craigslist, used sports equipment stores, and the classifieds, then looked up the brand and model names on Google to find reviews. Amazon and Epinions may also have helpful reviews. I ended up paying less than $200 for a gym-quality Schwinn from Craigslist. It's pretty old, but it's built like a tank.
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I just got a Costco flyer offering a NordicTrack CX938 Elliptical for $399 if you buy online. Shipping and handling included. I don't know much about this particular model but it sounds like a good deal. It only costs about $50 a year to join Costco so it might be worth it for this alone. You have to order it online so even if you aren't near a store, it might work for you.
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You might want to look at craigslist, I've been furnishing a home gym with stuff I have bought on there and have found great stuff at cheap prices. Exercise equipment is something people buy new and then don't use so you can really save money buying it used and getting it like new. I don't have any specific recommendations for ellipticals though, we don't have one.
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Where are you? I have one that I'm looking to get rid of.
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I bought that NordicTrack CX938 from Costco. Received it 2 days ago. For the money it is fine. It does not compare with gym equipment. But then I am the only one using it and I think it will last for a reasonable time. It does work. It does all I need it to do. It is quiet and putting it together was easy. I hope it is reliable and lasts a long time. I got tired of the gym trip and wanted the cardio at home, especially this winter. It is for people that weigh 250 lbs or less.
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Here's a site that has some reviews. It seems a great many of the lower priced ones are made in the same factory but distributed to various retailers under different names.
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