Where and what windows video codec packs?
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What software is best for video playing on windows? I mean a minimum intervention no messing around all in one solution like Perian for Mac or the win32-codecs packages for Linux. Some kind of all in one solution that you install then windows does the right thing when you double click on a video file ever more and you don't have to think about it ever again? I know about VLC and while it's generally excellent, the user interface is a little clunky and I'd rather not have to force users to fiddle with default media player settings.
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I really like Media player classic. It's compact and I like the fact that you can easily step through frames, change the playback speed, etc.
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GOM player.



GOM has got a more sophisticated GUI but VLC is probably more adaptable at playing every codex there is.

GOM player it is then.
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Combined Community Codec Pack
comes with media player classic and a bunch of codecs.
Then download "RealAlternative" and "Quicktime Alternative" (google it) so you don't have to install those programs, and still play the videos through MPC.
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Since the day I installed the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, I have never encountered a problem playing videos again. And you can of course continue to use Windows Media Player, users won't have to fiddle with default media player settings.
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Seconding Combined Community Codec Pack which comes with the 2 best media players, VLC and Media Player Classic. Media Player Classic is easiest to use IMO.
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another vote for GOM. I love the live +/- scaling for those widescreen features trapped in standard frame video on a widescreen monitor.

And the live contrast/brightness/etc controls.

Oh, and I also love the K-lite.
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I'm gonna have to add my vote for the K-Lite pack.

If your Windows users are anything like mine, they're going to try Media Player before anything else anyway, so you might as well make it support as many codecs as possible.
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Wan't there a rumour about irregularities with the K-Litepack content?

Anyway, I like Mplayer best, even on Windows. It is snappier than the Media Player Classic, and I like to fast forward, or backward, with the arrow keys.
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K-Lite is my vote.
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I've been using KMplayer for a while now. Complete and very powerful.
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Most of the home theater PC crowd (me included) use Zoomplayer.
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I also use zoomplayer, though have previously used (and loved) bs player.
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