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Converting existing AVI files to play on the PS3 - What is the most efficient method?

I've been given files...that I want to watch on my PS3. Some of them play fine, others either have messed up video, messed up or no audio, or don't play at all.

They all play fine on my laptop in VLC and are all around 700mb.

Is there an easy and efficient way I can convert the troublesome ones to ones that the PS3 will play? All the software I've seen takes forever and often involves increasing the file sizes.

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Best answer: Option 1: Use PS3 media server to transcode and stream them in real time. This only works if you have a PC or Mac to stream them from, and aren't storing them locally on your PS3.

Option 2: Use Handbrake's high profile preset, and turn off the option to use the m4v extension.
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The easiest way is probably or somesuch. Doesn't re-encode, plays from your PC/laptop and streams to the ps3. If you're on a mac, you probably do need to re-encode to PS3 MP4 via handbrake.
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Response by poster: I don't want to stream them as I have a 250Gb drive formatted to hold the movies and play them on the PS3 - don't really want to have my laptop switched on on the corner of the room just to watch a movie.

I'd also like a Windows solution if available.
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Unfortunately it looks like re-encoding is the only way to go. The PS3 has relatively limited codec support, so you'll need to convert the files to be in the proper format. Much like re-saving a jpeg, most encoders probably are assuming (rightly) that you'll need to have slightly higher bitrate to retain the initial quality of the source file, so that may be why you see file size increases. With something like handbrake, you can add files to a queue and let it ride all night, so that might be the best bet.
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Handbrake works fine on Windows.
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Handbrake is the best transcoder if you want to pre-convert the files. Note the resulting files may well be larger than the originals, like 1 gig instead of 700 megs. Just go with it. (For streaming, TVersity works great.)
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Super is free, I transcode to the built in PS3 (mp4) setting. Their website is crap though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions.

I found Handbrake to be the quickest, and actually reduced the file size down too without any noticeable drop in quality.

Super works, but took f....o....r.....e.....v....e...r to convert the files.
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